Pre-launch Marketing

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Our Pre-Launch Marketing Process


We focus on positioning your brand in the market to connect with your target audience. We identify and utilize the best platforms and channels to spread your brand message efficiently and effectively.


The best way to improve is to measure success against set goals. Using the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based) approach, our team defines goals and milestones based on specific metrics to serve as a tool to coordinate consistent actions with your goals.

Executing Marketing Campaigns

We build products and engage with communities by providing valuable information about your brand’s vision, mission,solutions in a way that makes the product go viral. We boost leads subscribers with scalable & customizable marketing techniques that benefit from throughout your product’s life cycle.

Creating Marketing Assets

We create Landing Pages, Infographics, Videos, Blogging/Guest blogging, Referral Pages, Social Media, Facebook Ads, and much more, employing marketing techniques to spread awareness and create a buzz around your brand. Marketing assets are essential to gaining early adopters and generating leads.


Proven Pre-Launch Marketing Solutions

To launch a plan successfully, it is ultra-important to create a big buzz. We help companies to push their ideas into the market with the right pre-launch strategies.

We manage and implement effective campaigns to create pre-launch buzz and give your product or service a kick-start.

Whether you are planning to launch new software, a new company, or an Amazon product, Neubrain can help.

We Specialize in SaaS Product launch, Amazon Product Launch, App, Finding Platform Beta Testers, and more.

Growth Hacking

Pre-Launch Marketing Activities

Landing Page Development

Explainer Video

Social Media

Direct Marketing

Paid Ads

PR and Influencer Campaigns

Content and Copy



Activities Post Campaigns

Collect Feedback

We listen to every problem your customers face during marketing campaigns through data analytics. We explore the difficulties and improve the user experience using the valuable insights shared through customer feedback.

Watch for Patterns

We categorize all data into relevant themes such as churn, bounce, conversion, and C.T.R.s to better your customer experience.

Improve & Modify

We act based on the insights gained through data analytics to improve your product and solutions according to market needs.

Prepare for the Next Stage

Ready for the big launch? Looking for investors? Or need early-stage marketing for your startup? We can help!

Choose Neubrain as your Growth Hacking Agency

Had a bad experience with your agency? Or unsatisfied with your in-house team’s performance? That’s because typical ‘digital marketing agencies’ or ‘digital marketers’ are incapable of providing an overall business solution and achieve the desired business growth.

At Neubrain, our growth hacking skills are much more advanced than that of typical digital marketers. Our lean startup methodology catalyses growth for businesses of all sizes. Apart from traffic growth, we work on a full customer life cycle and offer additional services like Business Process Automation and Intelligence services.

Our agile approach combined with high-tech automation makes us the perfect fit for new-age e-commerce, Marketplaces, SaaS and B2B businesses.

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