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Specialized Marketplace and eCommerce Marketing Agency

Looking for a Marketplace Agency?

Are you searching for an agency to help you solve the chicken and egg problems? You have come to the right place. We can help find the right vendors and buyers to increase your business metrics.

Looking for an eCommerce Agency?

We help online eCommerce stores through a multi-channel marketing approach. We also introduce innovative solutions to bring efficiency and to improve the Bottomline.

Specialized Marketplace and eCommerce Marketing Agency

Our team of experts can help design growth strategies that can help improve sales and other critical business metrics like MRR, ARR, Churn, Revenue per subscription, etc.

We focus on innovative, out-of-the-box solutions that are relevant today, as consumers are relying more on online purchasing than ever before.

Marketplace And Ecommerce Marketing | Neubrain | Marketplace And Ecommerce Marketing

Marketplace and eCommerce Marketing Solutions


This decade is all about personalized communication with your audience and what better way than a Chatbot to solve customer queries and taking orders. Our team can help you create Chatbots that can Notify, update, and communicate with consumers through popular apps, like Facebook, Chatfuel, Botsify, and many more.

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

There are many useful tools we utilize to extract valuable data specific to consumer behavior and transactional details. However, it is more important to understand what this data means. We carefully analyze the data according to crucial segments such as traffic source, and conversion rate optimization, which can help us identify the best areas for you to invest in and achieve optimal business growth.

Portal Strategy & Persona Building

Understanding who your customers are and why they buy is the key to any Marketplace or eCommerce marketing strategy. We help you dig a little deeper into defining your target audience and building customer profiles, using a variety of marketing tools, like surveys, to ensure you are reaching the right consumers. A mix of factional and psychological data can help you increase conversions, understand any customer challenges, and also better develop and sell your products.

Influencer Marketing & Social Media

Your brand’s presence is imperative to any marketing strategy. Recent studies have shown the powerful impact social media has on increasing web traffic. Our campaigns help create that impact consumers are looking for when purchasing products and encourage product discovery through influencers and micro-influencers. We design exciting visuals for social media to engage consumers and help drive traffic to your website. Product discovery is hugely beneficial for marketplaces to promote conversions and increase brand awareness.

Marketing Automation

Using a variety of tools, we can help you streamline specific processes with automation to help efficiently manage the different stages of the buying cycle and improve customer service. We ensure we successfully implement automated strategies to drive traffic, increase engagement, and maximize sales, relevant to the different phases of the sales funnel.

Product Pricing Strategy

Your pricing strategy is the most promising way to retain customers. Our talented team of experts helps configure a value-based pricing formula that keeps your consumers happy and coming back again. We ensure we create a positive experience for consumers that aligns with their expectations and, more importantly, create value for products that can offer them the solution they need.

Marketplace And Ecommerce Marketing | Neubrain | Marketplace And Ecommerce Marketing
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