Team Augmentation Services

Hire the necessary skilled technical resources in your team with our team augmentation services to accelerate your software development lifecycle and create sustainable digital solutions. We help you strengthen your internal development capabilities at your convenience while reducing costs.


Get maximum RoI on your Staff

Clearly Define Your Requirements

Before you begin the team augmentation process, it's important to define your requirements and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the skills and expertise you need to add to your team. Clearly define your project goals, timelines, and success metrics to help you identify the right team members

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Staff Augmentation Agency Decision

A Staff augmentation agency can help you find and hire the right team members quickly and efficiently. These agencies have extensive networks of qualified candidates and can provide you with vetted professionals who meet your requirements..

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Conduct a Thorough Interview Process

Whether you're working with a Team augmentation agency or hiring on your own, it's important to conduct a thorough interview process to ensure that the team members you hire have the necessary skills and experience. Be sure to review resumes, work samples, and conduct multiple rounds of interviews to get a well-rounded view of each candidate.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Once you've built your augmented team, it's important to establish clear communication channels to ensure that your team members can work seamlessly with your in-house team. Use project management tools, regular meetings, and other communication methods to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Provide Adequate Onboarding and Training

To ensure that your augmented team can hit the ground running and be productive quickly, it's important to provide adequate onboarding and training. This can include training on your company culture, project requirements, and specific tools and technologies you use.

Choose the right team augmentation solution

Determine whether you want to use a staffing agency or hire team members on your own. If you choose to work with a staffing agency, be sure to choose an agency that has experience and expertise in your industry.

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Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation strategies in 2023 are highly advanced and trailblazing. Today, building highly-qualified teams need complex planning and a progressive recruitment plan.

At Neubrain, we have successfully developed strategies and helped mid and small-size startups grow cost-effectively.

We are a specialized Growth Hacking and Team Augmentation Services. We generate cost effective strategies for organizations to create right mix of talent & cost. We help you with digital landscape with optimized content marketing in the form of webinars, whitepapers, blogs, case studies, articles, videos, infographics, etc.

Our Growth Hacking Agency follows a hyper-targeted approach, focusing on creating maximum RoI and defining the right target audience to help increase success rates. Once the target goal is established, we employ a multi-channel approach to scale up business growth.

Team Augmentation Services | Neubrain | Team Augmentation

How do we differ from other Team Augmentation Agencies?


Acts as a bridge and saves you time, money, and efforts of screening and hiring the specific skill sets to perform tasks


Expands your product development capacity in response to changing market circumstances or project upturn.


Works with a completely flexible and experienced team at an affordable rate and can increase or decrease the workforce on-demand.

Subject Matter Experts

Allows you to acquire the best subject matter experts for your project and enhance communication in the team throughout your SDLC

Solving Challenges

Helps meet your staffing needs to existing project deadlines in a shorter time while solving workforce challenges


Scale your business with reduced operational costs and administrative burdens

Our Team Augmentation Approach and Channels

Let us highlight the various functional areas that create significant value to your Team Augmentation campaigns by identifying the right approach to generate valuable leads.
Build a New Team

Turn your ideas into reality by building your new team of seasoned IT professionals of your choice and the way your project needs. We have a diverse range of specialists and team members available to work with you on a contract or hourly basis.

Add IT Talent to Existing Team

Include our seasoned IT individuals in your team to cover the IT talent gaps and perform certain tasks of your software development lifecycle. Give your ongoing project a differentiated boost by utilizing the technical competencies of our experts.

Skill-based Hiring

Hire diverse talent based on your project scope and technical requirements. Determine what you want to accomplish with an extended workforce. Assess where your project is short of key skills and hire dedicated developers who possess holistic skill sets that drive faster project outcomes.

Time-based Hiring

We provide a highly qualified and trained workforce at your convenience. You can hire top talent for either a short-term or long-term period and accomplish your project development objectives with our resource and staff augmentation services.

Remote Hiring

We have a wide range of global talent pools with strong technical skills, industry experience, and certifications that align perfectly with your company culture and project objectives. Count on us for remote developers and staffing needs and get your work done virtually by our tech talent.

Vendor Transition

Switch your project from an existing IT service provider with the help of our experts competent in vendor-to-vendor transitions while minimizing risks. Our team at Neubrain has vast experience in making the transition organized, secure, and smooth using better methodologies.

We focus on driving results.

Why Choose Us As Your Team Augmentation Services?

Team Augmentation Services | Neubrain | Team Augmentation

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It is an approach to embrace innovation, critical questioning and continuous improvement. Every member in our core team is an entrepreneur who actively seeks growth and agility. Each of us brings a lot of passion, energy and a diverse range of leanings to the table.

Our expertise lies in 5 niche business areas: Performance Digital Marketing, User Experience Designing, Product Development, Data Analytics and Project Management. Our niche expertise helps you build the brand, generate leads and increase revenue. We are all about providing a complete business solution and taking your business to the next level.

Experiments are important to growth campaigns. With our growth experts, we bring disruptive ideas to the table. We experiment with products, designs, brand messaging and a lot more. Our ‘Minimum Viable Testing’ model is based on generating hypotheses, performing small series of tests and taking forward what works the best.

North-Star metric, AI Tools and Customer-experience Funnel, improve Retention rates, extends the Customer Life cycle and takes businesses towards profitability. It is radical and far-reaching. We help you establish an effective dialogue with your customers that goes far beyond the initial sales.

We are a core team of bright, creative and hi-tech performers. We have worked with unicorn startups, Fortune 500 companies and top-notch consulting firms such as BCG, McKinsey and IBM. We have extensive experience across industries.

We believe in the philosophy ‘Experiment More, Execute Fast and Repeat’.
We execute our ideas end-to-end, right from the beginning of the user journey. We help businesses with scalable and sustainable methods. We don’t just execute ideas, we innovate them as well.

Case Studies

Sodexo – Food & Beverage

Sodexo is a French food service and facilities management company headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees that represent 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries.

intelligentcontract – Contract Management Software

Uncover how we promoted the SaaS-based contract management software to the US audience with the 360-degree marketing strategy to build a strong digital presence on the web and generate quality leads from various inbound and outbound marketing activities


Delivered 175 lead in a span of 2 months

Find out how we delivered 175 leads in a span of 2 months and uncovered new growth opportunities by creating an inbound and outbound account-based marketing strategy to reach out to the target audience.

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