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Looking to Increase Your Sales Team or Someone to Handle the Sales Engine?

We offer Sales, as a Service capable of deploying field sales or Inside
sales performing your GTM Strategy without any brand dilution.
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B2B Sales Outsourcing

Due to disruptive changes, B2B sales has evolved from an art to a science, and the Sellers need to focus on really understanding the “what, why, and when” of the customer to differentiate themselves.

We are a b2b sales outsourcing company in India working with tech companies in selling both services and solutions to large businesses and improving customer acquisition. We offer dedicated Sales resources who will undertake Cold calling to the closure of the contract with your brand identity and help you grow your revenue. We also offer Business Development outsourcing services or Customer acquisitions based on your business needs in locations within India.

This will help you to outsource services to experts who can leverage on their trained sales team, experience, industry contacts and reduce your time to market.

Better Business with B2B Sales Outsourcing | Neubrain | Sales Outsourcing

We help Customers in executing their GTM strategy by deploying our Sales team to grow revenue without brand dilution.

Better Business with B2B Sales Outsourcing | Neubrain | Sales Outsourcing

Generated 10X more revenue for a leading retail brand

  • 1st milestone of 1 CR sale per month in Dec 2022
  • 12X sales increased instead of 2X within a year
  • CPC decreased to 70%
  • $20000 was only spent for generating $100000/month sales
Better Business with B2B Sales Outsourcing | Neubrain | Sales Outsourcing

Generated 4X more webinar & Demos for a leading SAAS Company

  • 1st milestone of  100+ participants per Webinar in 90 days
  • 8X sales increased instead of zero within a year
  • Webinar Conversion Ratio increased to 30%
  • $2000 was only spent for generating $30000 subscription sales
Better Business with B2B Sales Outsourcing | Neubrain | Sales Outsourcing

Telesales Outsourcing  for leading SAAS Company

  • 1st milestone of  100+ new subscription sales in 30 days
  • 8X subscription rate increased within a year
  • Download to Subscription Conversion Ratio increased to 30%
  • $1000 was only spent for generating $10000 subscription sales
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Why Choose Us As Your Sales Outsouring Agency?

Better Business with B2B Sales Outsourcing | Neubrain | Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing involves partnering with a specialized agency to handle aspects of your sales process, such as lead generation, prospecting, and closing deals. It benefits your business by tapping into the expertise of experienced sales professionals without the need for in-house resources, potentially accelerating your sales growth and reducing operational costs.

Our agency stands out due to our proven track record of delivering results. Our sales teams are composed of highly skilled individuals with deep industry knowledge. We tailor our strategies to your specific business needs, ensuring a personalized approach to every client. Our transparent reporting and regular communication keep you updated on progress and allow for seamless collaboration.

Before we begin any engagement, we thoroughly research your brand, values, and industry. We then customize our sales approaches to reflect your brand identity and align with your company's values. This ensures that every interaction with potential clients maintains the integrity and reputation of your business.

We work with businesses of various sizes, ranging from startups to established enterprises, across a wide range of industries. Our adaptable strategies allow us to cater to the unique needs of each client, regardless of their industry or stage of development.

Our lead generation process combines a mix of targeted research, data analytics, and strategic outreach. We identify your ideal customer profiles, gather relevant data, and engage with potential leads through personalized communication. This approach maximizes the chances of converting leads into valuable prospects.

Better Business with B2B Sales Outsourcing | Neubrain | Sales Outsourcing
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