Business Process Automation Services

We help automate day-to-day tasks for different business functions and improve efficiency.


Automate Business

For Startups

Startups must have the right foundation, and Automation is foundational to the future of their growth. We help startups choose the right tech-stack and build automation workflows.

The Established and The Enterprising

It is challenging to work with a bigger team, especially when teams have to work with other groups. Automation improves overall organizational efficiency. We work on existing tech stacks to build cross-platform Automation.

Achieve More With Smaller Teams

We combine AI and RPA with business domains to accelerate growth. With the number of new tools being introduced every day, we have the capabilities to automate businesses like never before.

From improving customer experience to reducing operational costs, Automation plays a significant role, and our experts can help you do that with a new or an existing tech stack.

At Neubrain, we acknowledge the power of Automation and implement it for businesses of various sizes.

Automations In Different Industries


Banking & Finance







Automation Across Key Business Functions

Sales and Marketing

Customer Acquisition, Customer Strategy & Relationships, Email and Push Notifications, and Lead Nurturing.

Human Resources

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction, Payroll Management, Records Management, Scheduling and Time Management, and Applicant Tracking.

Product Development

Quality, Process Improvement & Change Management, Continuous Integration, and Deployment.

Accounts and Finance

Financial Analysis, Reporting, Capital Management, Contract e-signing, and Invoicing.


Inventory Management, Automated Dispatching, Network Monitoring, Remote Troubleshooting and Resolution, and Automated Ticket Logging.

Our Growth Hacking Methodology


We help you find the right Business Automation goals that replace manual intervention with automation.

Tech Stack

We create a new tech stack for startups and work on the existing ones for established organizations.

Create Workflows

As the next step, we create workflows to achieve desired automation goals.


As the last step, we test to make sure that the automation is working in the desired manner.


As the last step, we test to make sure that the automation is working in the desired manner.

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