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You haven’t launched yet, and you have no idea who your customer is. However, you have accepted the notion that you must create a launch page and begin learning how to sell.

Your first sales goal should be to sign up as many of the right consumers as possible. You can use A/B testing to ensure a successful launch. A launch with a laser focus, the appropriate price, and a line around the block with people shaking their fists to pay you money. Here’s how:

Let’s get started.

  1. Experiment With Wildly Varied Pitches.

Founders become fixated on a single pitch. Maybe it’s because that’s how they sold themselves on the idea in the first place, but it’s not going to be the most effective sales pitch.

Take, for example, SiftSocial. KickoffLabs’ next product is this. We like it since it allows us to use our limited time to sell KickoffLabs to the greatest Twitter influencers. I get that the solution can save time and create revenue, but that is not the presentation that will win over the bulk of clients.

We win more individuals by presenting that it’s a smarter way to interact with higher quality material and people online. People might not place as much value on their time and money as they should, but they do place a high value on feeling smarter. Same product, but a different pitch.

A few pointers for pitching on a landing page:

  • Make a tweetable tagline for it. You should be able to pique people’s interests in less than 140 characters.
  • Teasers are only effective if you are already well-known. The rest of us must clarify for the visitor what he is getting into.
  • Maintain the sign-up form above the fold. People still don’t scroll, I’m afraid.
  • Drop all of the technical buzzwords, jargon, and other words that make you appear intelligent. Maintain clarity, conciseness, and simplicity. Concentrate on an issue and the outcome of your solution.
  • Tell a good narrative.
  • Find the best bargain.

Everyone is apprehensive about putting a price on their launch page. They are concerned that it may deter individuals from signing up. However, if someone is scared off by the fact that your product will cost money, you’re going to have worse problems.

  1. Price Testing Advice

Begin by experimenting with lines such as “Plans will begin at $10/month” and comparing them to alternative pricing points.

When you cross a certain threshold, signups will begin to decline. Find it… because that’s the line that no one wants to pay for.

You could also use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey to ask users whether the price should be increased or decreased.

Several firms have found success by putting up a Paypal button that charges consumers a fee for “instant access.” You might experiment with different button costs.

  • Design aspects must be tested.
  • Color, backdrop, typeface, and overall design decisions set the tone for conversion, and you must test to find out what works best for your audience.
  • The key call to action should not be obstructed by the design of your landing page.

An example of how the design of your landing page interferes with your CTA

Tips For Designing An Effective Launch Page

Examine a blank page with no background. I believe you’ll be astonished to learn that it matters far less than you think.

Links should be used cautiously. Anything that draws them away from the form before they finish distracts them from the aim. You very likely have a fantastic blog, a fantastic Facebook page, and a wealth of additional material somewhere… But if I start clicking around, I won’t return to complete the form.

Collect only the information you require. The longer the form, the less likely it is that consumers will complete it. You probably don’t need to know their entire names, birth dates, and mothers’ maiden names at this point, do you?

  1. Sign-up bonuses for tests

The most effective launch pages include two types of incentives. One is for collecting the customer’s email address, and the other is for convincing them to join with their friends. Is your market more responsive to a contest, cash incentives, or simply the desire to be a part of your beta?

On your website, experiment with several forms of signup incentives.

Here are some ideas for fantastic viral incentives:

People should be rewarded. Thank them personally on Twitter and send an auto-response with further value and information.

Establish explicit ground rules. Tell everyone what they are. If they change, inform them why, but attempt to keep your promises. If you want three signups before giving away something, tell them that’s how they get in… and let them in! No one should have to beg.

Tell them how they are assisting you. Let them know whether their marketing is assisting you in meeting your objectives without requiring any effort on their part. It’s as easy as saying, “Hey, you got five people to sign up!” Thanks! Here’s a free ebook on creating a landing page. “

maintain their interest. Even if you can’t launch right away, keep folks updated along the journey. Prove your progress. Send newsletters with information that will assist them to attain their goals, even if you aren’t there to aid them.

If Not, Test Immediately.

Now is the time to put dramatic differences to the test. Once you’ve launched, you’ll be so invested in a design and your vision that testing larger adjustments will be difficult. Such tests can unquestionably assist you in determining the best product-market fit possible before launch. Then you can concentrate on your testing to find the local maximum.


We hope that uptil you would have understood all the techniques.

Or else, if you feel it’s a hectic job then you are just a call away.

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