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As we all are aware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently having a huge impact on the technology. The 2018 Bright Edge Research report revealed their views on the three most important emerging marketing trends. The top three included personalization (approx. 29%), artificial intelligence (approx. 26%) and voice search (approx. 21%). What many people don’t realize is that all three main options relate to the use of artificial intelligence.

As a marketer, you might be in dilemma that how could AI add up customers or manage sales. Therefore, this blog will make you aware of some of the most useful AI features when you add this technology to your business.

1. Provide product recommendations.

Marketers need to offer their products to the right audience. Fortunately, artificial  intelligence can help solve this daunting task by assessing consumer’s engagement in real  time and suggesting products based on their interests. Many online marketers have  perfected this technique. For example, with some companies, if you look at any of their  products, their AI algorithm will suggest additional items at the time of purchase. Video  streaming applications have their own unique approach to this technique. Subscribers visit  their website or app, watch movies or shows (also known as products), and receive a  recommended watch list the next time they sign in. 

2. Improve UX and increase sales.

User Experience (UX) is a general term that describes the user experience on your  website or app. UX is about more than the look and feel of your website; this is how your  site works. Many developers and marketers are turning to AI as a way to improve the  overall user experience. Additionally, some marketers use conditional logical forms to  drive sales and create custom customer feedback reports. These questionnaires branch  out and change depending on the answer given by the client. 

3. Offer fast and efficient customer service.

Marketing can be a nightmare if you don’t have skilled customer support. Usually, after a  new campaign, your website will be flooded with questions from people who are interested  in your product or service but are not quite ready for it. If you can’t help them right away,  your chances of adding customers will drop. Artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots is  changing the way companies communicate with their customers. 

To conclude, artificial intelligence has an almost unlimited number of practical applications.  It is great at helping companies automate repetitive processes and helping business  owners collect data about their sites and audiences. It’s fair to say that the recent arrival of 

AI in marketing is just the beginning. We have a long history with artificial intelligence; we  must make sure that we make full use of this technology.


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