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The competitive strategy and financial performance, marketing has become associated with a company’s plan. It employs strategies that are most effective for each firm, its clients, and it leads to pique people’s interest in products or services. Depending on the platforms you utilize and the campaigns you invest in, you can engage in a variety of marketing methods. They are classified as either B2C (business-to-consumer) or B2B (business-to-business) marketing.


What Exactly Is Industrial Marketing?

Industrial marketing, in its most basic form, is B2B (business-to-business marketing) and promotes goods and services from one firm to another. Today, industrial marketing is mostly done online and contains a plethora of complicated components.

According to the data, industrial customers are typically 70% of the way through their purchase selection process before contacting a supplier. This is because today’s B2B buyers are largely millennials who are digital natives and conduct all of their online research anonymously first. Industrial marketing begins with research into these target customers and prospects to determine how to meet their needs, what types of material to provide, and where to deliver them.

What Is the Importance of Industrial Marketing?

Customers in the manufacturing industry want to see extensive product information, your company history, where you do business, and reviews or testimonials that support your company. They expect the content they’re looking into to be on-demand, mobile-friendly, engaging, and visually appealing. Is your website providing all of the information a prospect is looking for? That’s fantastic if you said yes! You’re already ahead of the game. But don’t worry if you’re not sure – you can only go up from here.

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore digital marketing’s strength and the opportunities it brings. Following the launch of COVID-19, there was a 12% rise in manufacturers using their websites to engage with additional customers. 

Here are a few ways manufacturers may utilize industrial marketing to grow their business; you may be surprised to find that you’re already doing some of these things, but there’s always room for improvement.

What Are Some Industrial Marketing Ideas to Help Your Business Grow?

Videos and Content Marketing:

A manufacturer’s website’s objective is to engage industrial buyers by offering the content and functionality that buyers require, resulting in quality, pre-qualified leads. It should ideally act as a sales tool for you and produce leads.

You may already have a lot of informative content on your websites, such as product information, specs, certifications, applications, capabilities, and equipment. You should also add your firm’s history, reviews, and testimonials to help prospects validate your company, and detailed content that may offer purchasers a favorable impression of your company. Rather than simply creating an About Us page with all of this information in text, think about varying your content with videos.

Content marketing is an important component of industrial marketing since it helps prospects find your company online and (when done correctly) motivates them to contact you or make a purchase. Beginner-topic blog posts and how-to tutorials are two common content marketing options among manufacturers. Incorporate videos and other forms of multimedia to diversify your content and keep people interested.

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In addition to writing paragraphs of material or sharing photographs of your store floor, videos can effectively advertise your business – marketing does not have to be all about writing. Different individuals consume content in different ways, so it stands to reason that those that use video content grow revenue 49 percent quicker than those who don’t, but it’s critical to keep your online content current.

Consider updating your website again if you haven’t done so in a year. The Google algorithm looks for a variety of criteria, so keeping your site up-to-date is essential if you want new buyers and consumers to find you online. Keeping your website’s design and content current will help to increase your brand and visibility.

Use SEO to increase website traffic.

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to how search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo employ a formula to decide the results of a user’s search. It is critical to your industrial marketing plan and works in tandem with updated website content. Prospects are more likely to locate your website for specific search terms if you provide thorough product information in a search-engine-friendly fashion. When they get to your website, they continue to search quite specifically, sometimes adding part numbers to their searches. Here’s what else you should add to your website’s advanced search features:

SEO for local searches

If you want to precisely target clients in your area, incorporate local keywords into your material.

An example of Google search results for a buyer looking for CNC machining services in the New York City area is shown below. You’re more likely to be found by local purchasers if your Google My Business profile is up-to-date and includes the same name, address, and phone number as the rest of your web platforms.

A Product Catalogue Online

Industrial customers want to find the products they’re looking for as quickly as possible. As a result, website functioning is a component of industrial marketing. With a customer-centric strategy growing more prevalent in business, enhanced website functionality can make or break your website. As more firms transition to a direct-to-consumer strategy, they are modernizing their websites to offer a comprehensive product catalog.

When a buyer or engineer visits a website, they are looking for specific product information to purchase and/or specify products in their design. Product producers can utilize an interactive product catalog to provide information on all of their products and variations, as well as make it simple for visitors to swiftly and efficiently filter their way to what they’re looking for. A wide inventory, customizable options, and downloadable 3D CAD files make your customer’s task easier-and yours as well. Consider how many engineering hours you’d save while enhancing customer service.

An interactive product catalog can also help to speed up the shopping process by including eCommerce for direct online purchases. You may boost sales around the clock as long as your data is correct. An online product catalog’s functionality ultimately mimics different facets of your organization, from customer service to purchasing. It makes you more accessible as a manufacturer at any time to meet preliminary prospects’ desires. Finally, your platform should help your distribution partners while also reducing customer service and engineering hours.

Campaigns for advertising

There are several advertising forms, just as there are various sorts of industrial marketing. There are search advertisements, display ads (which you probably see a lot of in your normal day-to-day internet activity), social ads (yep, that video you saw on Facebook was probably an ad), and more. Advertising campaigns are vital in marketing because they help to spread the word about all of the aforementioned initiatives to a larger and more targeted audience.

Advertising on Neubrain allows your manufacturing company to be visible on a network where over one million procurement professionals and engineers source industrial products and services every day. Fill out your free profile to be seen by B2B buyers.


At Neubrain, we have developed proven marketing strategies through SEO, Content Marketing, Personal Outreach, and other B2B marketing techniques that have a long term impact on the business.

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