Organizations can use AI to:
  • Obtain real-time information on all customer contact channels.  
  • Optimize the waiting time and provide active service delivery. 
  • Automatically scale and classify cases using predictive analytics for sensitivity and  domain expertise.  
  • Operate chatbots to provide insights through automated workflows. 
  • Enable field workers to deliver services based on access to CRM data. 
  • Offer personalized services anywhere.  
  • Optimize scheduling and routing with comprehensive CRM data. 
Customer service representatives can realistically only handle one customer service call or issue at a time. AI helps to enhance the customer service department

For example, chatbots can process multiple requests at the same time. This is a lifesaver  for companies with busy call centres and struggling with wait times. If a question is too  complex for a chatbot to handle, a live agent would enter into the matter and resolve. 

AI processes the data analyze it and present the suitable agent for the requirement of  Customer. The User provides the sales representative with the basic information they need  before interacting with the customer. This saves time and staff and helps the customer to  solve problems more efficiently. An article for chatbots noted: “The ultimate goal of a  customer service chatbot is to integrate with customer account information. For example, a  customer can inquire about the status of an order or receive a special after-sales service.” 

Communication apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and others are digitizing  the way people communicate, and it will soon become almost all communication methods.  will have AI previews. For example, the Facebook Messenger AI “appears in conversations  in the chat application and suggests relevant actions such as sending a sticker or sharing a  

location.” Similar functions are also found in text messages. This makes it easy to have a  conversation without actual human interaction, and customers and businesses are comfortable with that type of conversation. For example- Kik Messaging is been used by 

various MNC’s to help customers buy products by directly conversing with the bot and the  company that uses Kik Messaging includes H&M, Sephora and the Weather Channel too.  With some live chat experiences, it can be difficult to tell who you are actually talking to.  But if the question is answered quickly and correctly it isn’t a matter of Concern. Because  Automation is the future of the growing Company and AI plays an important role to reach  the desired Customer Satisfaction level.

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