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Gather diverse, complex data from various sources to create detailed data-driven Power BI dashboards with Neubrain


Power BI Deployment

After a thorough evaluation process, our Power BI Experts create and carry out custom roadmaps and governance plans.

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Power BI Dashboards

Using any device, you can access your customized dashboards and explore data visualizations with 360-degree views of your data in real time.

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SQL Server

Our Power BI experts assist you in enhancing SQL Server's capacity to make use of intelligent data integration, reporting, and analysis.

Power BI Embedded

With our Power BI embedded services, you can get interactive reporting solutions to help you get a faster time to market. Incorporate Power BI reports with your current systems.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Our Power BI consultants employ cutting-edge analytics technology to extract the most valuable insights from your data to forecast opportunities, avert falls, and make data-driven decisions.

Support and Assistance

We offer Power BI license management, maintenance, and support services, including installs, setups, and integrations specifically tailored to meet your requirements.

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Power BI Consulting Services

Business intelligence is essential to success due to how data-intensive firms are. Power BI Services provided by Algoscale’s Power BI Experts assist businesses in finding insights buried in their data and enhancing data exploration. Algoscale is one of the leading Power BI Consulting firms with 7+ years of experience in providing top-notch Power BI Consulting Services to businesses in a variety of verticals and of different sizes. Utilizing Power BI Services becomes simpler for your teams with the help of our Power BI Consultants, who create implementation plans and identify any necessary training requirements.
We help businesses realize the value of their organizational data with our Power BI Consulting Services.
Power BI Consulting Services | Neubrain | Power BI

How do we differ from other Power BI Consulting Services?

Domain Experience

Algoscale has 7+ years of experience as one of the leading Power BI Consulting Firms providing one-of-a-kind Power BI consulting services to assist you in developing custom dashboards, custom visualizations, and actionable reports for making data-driven decisions.

Through-out Support

Our experts at Algoscale – Power BI Consulting Company devise an appropriate strategy and walk you through every step of the process, from developing a roadmap to developing a data plan to assess and execute a cutting-edge BI platf

Improved Efficiency

Algoscale is one of the top Power BI Consulting Firms assisting you in making the most of Power BI so you can easily dig into advanced analytics for better insight. It becomes feasible to predict outcomes and prevent failures of your assets or activities quickly and simply.


Let us highlight the various functional areas that create significant value to your Power BI Consulting Services by identifying the right approach.
Seamless Integration

With Power BI, you can simply deploy analytics and reporting capabilities into your current business environment and seamlessly integrate dynamic visuals into your applications.

Speed and Storage

By moving an existing BI system to a robust cloud environment with Power BI, memory and speed limitations are removed, guaranteeing that data is swiftly retrieved and analyzed.

Powerful Dashboards

Power BI's best feature is its data-driven dashboards, which can be tailored to any enterprise's specific requirements. To offer a consistent user experience, you may easily embed the dashboards and BI reports in the applications.

Real-time Reporting

With actionable reports that are in line with your KPIs and brand, create a data experience that is unparalleled with Power BI. The tool enables you to generate reports and set up automatic data refresh so that all users may see the most recent data.

We focus on driving results.

Why Choose Us As Your Power BI Consulting Services?

Power BI Consulting Services | Neubrain | Power BI

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It is an approach to embrace innovation, critical questioning and continuous improvement. Every member in our core team is an entrepreneur who actively seeks growth and agility. Each of us brings a lot of passion, energy and a diverse range of leanings to the table.

Our expertise lies in 5 niche business areas: Performance Digital Marketing, User Experience Designing, Product Development, Data Analytics and Project Management. Our niche expertise helps you build the brand, generate leads and increase revenue. We are all about providing a complete business solution and taking your business to the next level.

Experiments are important to growth campaigns. With our growth experts, we bring disruptive ideas to the table. We experiment with products, designs, brand messaging and a lot more. Our ‘Minimum Viable Testing’ model is based on generating hypotheses, performing small series of tests and taking forward what works the best.

North-Star metric, AI Tools and Customer-experience Funnel, improve Retention rates, extends the Customer Life cycle and takes businesses towards profitability. It is radical and far-reaching. We help you establish an effective dialogue with your customers that goes far beyond the initial sales.

We are a core team of bright, creative and hi-tech performers. We have worked with unicorn startups, Fortune 500 companies and top-notch consulting firms such as BCG, McKinsey and IBM. We have extensive experience across industries.

We believe in the philosophy ‘Experiment More, Execute Fast and Repeat’.
We execute our ideas end-to-end, right from the beginning of the user journey. We help businesses with scalable and sustainable methods. We don’t just execute ideas, we innovate them as well.

Case Studies

Sodexo – Food & Beverage

Sodexo is a French food service and facilities management company headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees that represent 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries.

intelligentcontract – Contract Management Software

Uncover how we promoted the SaaS-based contract management software to the US audience with the 360-degree marketing strategy to build a strong digital presence on the web and generate quality leads from various inbound and outbound marketing activities


Delivered 175 lead in a span of 2 months

Find out how we delivered 175 leads in a span of 2 months and uncovered new growth opportunities by creating an inbound and outbound account-based marketing strategy to reach out to the target audience.

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