Computer Vision Development Services

Giving Machines A Visual Understanding Of The World

Neubrain has vast experience in providing computer vision development services in the USA to help their clients gain useful insights and improve business decision-making. Our team of experts will help you to select the right platform, develop applications, integrate cameras, and improve process efficiency by embedding with other systems.

Giving Machines A Visual Understanding Of The World

Our Computer vision development services

Object detection and Tracking​

Detect objects and get their locations in the image. Track objects across successive image frames in real-time.

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Image Classification

Identify what the image represents. Categorize and label groups of pixels or vectors in a picture.

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Real–Time Emotion Detection

Interpret facial landmarks and non-verbal indicators in pictures and videos to determine an individual’s emotional state.

Security / Surveillance

Monitor security footage in real-time, spot patterns or suspicious behavior, regulate access to specific sites, and take pre-emptive action.

Face Recognition / ID

Provide real-time surveillance and tracking of people whose photographs have been saved in the data set. Mathematically map an individual’s facial traits.

Body Pose Detection

Identify, track, and detect the location of human body parts and joints to create a human body representation from the visual data.

Invoice segmentation & OCR Data Extraction

Convert receipts or images of invoices into machine-readable text data in the form of structured documents by extracting crucial information from them.

Image Similarity & De-duplication​

Detect and delete duplicate and near-duplicate photographs from your collection automatically while displaying the images to ensure the correct ones are removed.

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Computer Vision And AI – A Perfect Blend Of Innovation

Image and video analytics have the potential to solve many social, political, economic, and industry issues. With advances in multi-lingual speech recognition, machine vision, and rules-based decision engines, it has become easier for enterprises to draw inferences using real-time streams of image and video content.​ Computer vision development services require a deep understanding of computer vision algorithms, software development, and hardware engineering. It is crucial to have a team of experts with skills in these areas to ensure the success of the project.

Computer Vision Development Services | Neubrain | computer vision development

How do we differ from other Computer vision development service agency?

Improved efficiency and productivity

Computer vision development services can help automate repetitive tasks, such as quality control, object detection, and tracking, which can help businesses operate more efficiently and productively.

Improved accuracy and reliability

Computer vision algorithms are trained on large datasets and can identify patterns and features that may not be visible to the human eye. This can improve the accuracy and reliability of the analysis, which can be particularly useful in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing.

Customized solutions

Computer vision development services can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. This can include developing algorithms for specific industries or integrating the system with existing software or hardware.

Client Success

Our computer vision development services Case Studies
Deep-learning based Personalized Ads Generation

Create a solution that would save marketers time and money by generating personalized ad copy and media, which could be launched straight to social media.

A SaaS-based multi-tenant platform on AWS to improve sales engineers’ productivity

The one-stop productivity tool brought together all the tools that sales engineers use in one place and provided an information repository and collaboration tool that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It helped sales engineers.

Truly intelligent and automated document management solution

Algoscale helped a SaaS-provider design an AI-based intelligent document management solution that automates the entire process and has features like task monitoring with status dashboards, automated indexing and filing, built-in OCR to make text readable and usable.

Requirements gathering

In this stage, the development team works with the client to understand the specific requirements of the project, such as the types of images or video data to be processed, the desired output, and the performance and accuracy goals.

Data collection and preprocessing

Computer vision algorithms require large amounts of data to train and test the system. The development team collects and preprocesses the data to ensure that it is representative of the real-world scenarios that the system will encounter.

Algorithm selection and development

Once the data is prepared, the development team selects and develops an appropriate algorithm or combination of algorithms to achieve the desired output. Deep learning algorithms, such as convolutional neural networks (CNNs), are commonly used for computer vision tasks.

Integration and deployment

The final step involves integrating the algorithm into a working system and deploying it to the desired environment. This may involve developing software, hardware, or cloud-based solutions, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Training and testing

The algorithm is trained on the prepared data to learn patterns and features. The development team evaluates the accuracy and performance of the system using testing data and iteratively refines the algorithm to improve its performance.

We focus on driving results.

Why Choose Us As Your Computer Vision Development Service?

Computer Vision Development Services | Neubrain | computer vision development

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. It is an approach to embrace innovation, critical questioning and continuous improvement. Every member in our core team is an entrepreneur who actively seeks growth and agility. Each of us brings a lot of passion, energy and a diverse range of leanings to the table.

Our expertise lies in 5 niche business areas: Performance Digital Marketing, User Experience Designing, Product Development, Data Analytics and Project Management. Our niche expertise helps you build the brand, generate leads and increase revenue. We are all about providing a complete business solution and taking your business to the next level.

Experiments are important to growth campaigns. With our growth experts, we bring disruptive ideas to the table. We experiment with products, designs, brand messaging and a lot more. Our ‘Minimum Viable Testing’ model is based on generating hypotheses, performing small series of tests and taking forward what works the best.

North-Star metric, AI Tools and Customer-experience Funnel, improve Retention rates, extends the Customer Life cycle and takes businesses towards profitability. It is radical and far-reaching. We help you establish an effective dialogue with your customers that goes far beyond the initial sales.

We are a core team of bright, creative and hi-tech performers. We have worked with unicorn startups, Fortune 500 companies and top-notch consulting firms such as BCG, McKinsey and IBM. We have extensive experience across industries.

We believe in the philosophy ‘Experiment More, Execute Fast and Repeat’.
We execute our ideas end-to-end, right from the beginning of the user journey. We help businesses with scalable and sustainable methods. We don’t just execute ideas, we innovate them as well.

Case Studies

Sodexo – Food & Beverage

Sodexo is a French food service and facilities management company headquartered in the Paris suburb of Issy-les-Moulineaux. Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees that represent 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries.

intelligentcontract – Contract Management Software

Uncover how we promoted the SaaS-based contract management software to the US audience with the 360-degree marketing strategy to build a strong digital presence on the web and generate quality leads from various inbound and outbound marketing activities


Delivered 175 lead in a span of 2 months

Find out how we delivered 175 leads in a span of 2 months and uncovered new growth opportunities by creating an inbound and outbound account-based marketing strategy to reach out to the target audience.

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