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Are you an enterprise company looking for the perfect marketing partner for your dealers or distributors? Learn how WebFX can skyrocket your revenue with result-driving strategies — and our exclusive MarketingCloudFX software, designed to help you manage and convert leads!

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Why invest in channel partner marketing services?

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If you are looking for a channel partner marketing agency who can help grow leads and revenue, WebFX can help you maximize your marketing investment.

At WebFX, our channel partner marketing services are engineered for success in the metrics your organization values most: leads and revenue.

We’re a proven channel partner for fast-growing organizations, and we let the results we drive do the talking. In the past five years, we’ve driven more than 6 million leads and $2.4 billion in revenue for our clients.

Problems We Solve

  1. Full enterprise visibility across partner campaigns
  2. Integrations across platforms
  3. Analytics on macro/micro levels for program analysis
  4. Accurate ROI calculations
  5. Lead and call tracking across campaigns

Working with big-name companies like CATHyster-YaleQuincy CompressorKOA, and Clopay, our team knows what it takes to earn bottom-line results for dealers and distributors.

Keep reading to learn how our custom-designed marketing strategies and IBM Watson-backed MarketingCloudFX software can drive leads, sales, and revenue.

Want to speak directly with a strategist? Contact WebFX, or give us a call at 888-256-9448!

We get it — sometimes you want to speak straight to the source. To speak with a Digital Marketing Specialist about our marketing services, feel free to give us a call at:

+91 9819427549

Key Benefits of WebFX’s Channel Partner Marketing Services

    1. Proven performance for national companies

We’ve partnered with leading dealer/distributors around the country like CAT, Hyster-Yale, Quincy Compressor, KOA, and Clopay to drive performance using channel partner marketing. We have a full service digital team, and can provide a single vendor to manage design, SEO, PPC, social media, custom reporting, and more.

    1. Tech-enabled services to power campaigns

With MarketingCloudFX powering data analysis, our campaigns analyze metrics and opportunities on both a micro and macro level, allowing partners and corporate leaders access to world-class data at any time. We have the technology to provide local reporting and network-wide corporate reporting, in addition to a CRM for dealers to use to manage the leads generated.

    1. Marketing fund management

Easily keep tabs on channel partners across our platform, analyzing performance, budgets, tasks, and more.

    1. AI-powered forecasting

Make complex decisions easier with our workflows and automation, powered by IBM Watson to project marketing performance across campaigns.

What do channel partner marketing services include?

Proven Channel Partner Marketing Services | Neubrain | Channel Partner Marketing Services

As a full-service marketing agency, we offer a host of digital marketing services to drive results for channel partners.

Our digital marketing solutions include:

Why do you need a channel partner?

    1. Earn a competitive advantage over other manufacturers

If you have non-exclusive dealers or distributors. This is particularly true if you don’t have exclusive dealers or territories and your customers may be selling multiple product lines from multiple manufacturers.

    1. Gain control over the way that your brand is represented in the marketplace

Maintain strong control over how your brand is presented by dealers and reps cross the market. This prevents ‘rogue’ marketing materials created by the dealers themselves with incorrect product info or outdated branding.

    1. Create incentive structure to encourage dealers to increase their sales volume with you

Reward high performing dealers and have one place to compare KPIs across your partnerships.

    1. Implement a better feedback loop to understand how close rates are pacing across your dealer network

Tighter and easier to analyze data systems allow you to save time and track important KPIs across dealers and reps in your network.

Meet MarketingCloudFX: Channel partner marketing software powered by IBM Watson

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At WebFX, our partnership relationship management platform is powered by industry-leading MarketingCloudFX technology.

Built with IBM Watson and engineered to power lead generation, MarketingCloudFX features a suite of tools for channel partners.

Check out the video below to see MarketingCloudFX in action.

Here’s a closer look at MarketingCloudFX features for channel marketing partners:


Proven Channel Partner Marketing Services | Neubrain | Channel Partner Marketing Services

CRMROI — our proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) software — combines exclusive marketing data and lead management best practices, so you can turn more leads to sales.

With CRMROI, which seamlessly integrates with MarketingCloudFX, you can:

  • Easily track the entire lifecycle of leads from their first website visit to purchase
  • Effectively manage your sales pipeline
  • Automatically evaluate marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Close more sales
  • Boost revenue for dealers and distributors
  • And more!

Learn More About CRMROI


Proven Channel Partner Marketing Services | Neubrain | Channel Partner Marketing Services

Part of our MarketingCloudFX suite, LeadManagerFX gives you instant access to information about:

  • How leads arrive on dealer and distributor websites
  • What pages leads visit
  • What campaigns drive the most phone calls, leads, and revenue

With LeadManagerFX, you can seamlessly manage leads and phone calls, all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Along with lead management solutions, we offer LeadNurtureFX to help you turn more leads into loyal customers.

Using custom triggers and automated workflows, LeadNurtureFX is designed to seamlessly move leads through your buying funnel. The best part? LeadNurtureFX does the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to lift a finger.


TeamworkFX — our exclusive project management system — makes it easier to work even more efficiently and get information faster due to:

  • Single login for our suite of MarketingCloudFX tools
  • Quick load time
  • Intuitive milestone filtering
  • Mobile-enhanced design

With TeamworkFX’s easy-to-use interface, channel partner marketing is a breeze.


Get exclusive insights into how your business stacks up against competitors with CompetitorSpyFX.

With CompetitorSpyFX, you can gain unique information about:

  • Keywords your partners and competitors are ranking for in online search results
  • New, updated, or removed content on competitors’ sites
  • Overall user experience on your partners and competitors’ websites

And using exclusive data, CompetitorSpyFX offers custom projections to help you develop and manage campaigns that drive the best results.


Proven Channel Partner Marketing Services | Neubrain | Channel Partner Marketing Services

LocalFX allows you to easily manage citations and reviews for dealerships and distributors. Local listing management has never been easier with LocalFX.

Our innovative location management software harnesses the power of local SEO to drive more foot traffic to your partners’ physical locations.

LocalFX allows you to:

  • Get notifications for user reviews and comments
  • Respond to reviews and comments
  • Monitor reviews on social and review sites

Custom Reporting

Proven Channel Partner Marketing Services | Neubrain | Channel Partner Marketing Services

MarketingCloudFX gives you easy access to custom reports to evaluate partner marketing efforts.

Whether you want reporting for individual partners or a single, easy-to-access overview, we’ve got you covered.

When you partner with WebFX, you’ll always know exactly where your marketing investment goes, and MarketingCloudFX makes ROI tracking easier than ever.

Our channel marketing partners

WebFX has 20+ years of experience driving results for channel partners in numerous industries.

Some of our partners include:

  • CAT
  • Hyster-Yale
  • Quincy Compressor
  • KOA
  • Clopay
  • And more

With a client retention rate of nearly 100%, we’re confident our results will impress. Don’t take our word for it, though.

Check our case studies and more than 500 glowing testimonials.

Get started with channel partner marketing services from WebFX!

Ready to partner with our full-service team to boost leads, sales, and revenue for your dealers and distributors?

At WebFX, we’re leading experts in performance and marketing technology, and we’re confident we can deliver results for you.

Just contact us today, or give us a call at 888-256-9448 to get started with your personalized partner campaigns!

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