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India’s #1 Clarity Coach for Young Technopreneurs

A short session will help you get clarity in business direction and decision making."

Lalit Mehta
(CEO, Decimal Technologies)

Amit helped de-clutter all the noise from my head and really gave me directions.”

Shobhit Banga
(Co-founder, Josh Talks)

Amit Chawla is an internationally proven software industry senior with over 28 years of extensive experience. He coaches CXOs, Sr. Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners to attain absolute clarity and take their companies to the next orbit.

Having invested around 3 decades of his life working in software industry performing all typical roles – from a Developer to Country Head of a FinTech MNC – Amit has first-hand experience of difficulties Founders and CEOs of technology firms face every day.

His strategic interventions helped his clients keep their growth trajectory intact even during the global slow-down and pandemics like COVID-19. In his own journey he has grown his company 10 times in last 6 years by applying the same framework he shares in Personalized Strategy Session.

He is also an author of Amazon
Best-seller book “The Clarity First”.

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