Write Good Press Release that Grabs Attention!

Top 10 things for writing a great press release

Write Good Press Release that Grabs Attention!

Writing a good press release

In today’s digital age, people consume an incredible amount of information every day. With the widespread use and availability of technology, most people consume their news and information through some form of online medium. According to Research, nearly as many adults say they prefer to receive local news on the Internet rather than on television. 

In addition to digital as the preferred route of information consumption, Most people get at least some of their local news from a digital source. Most of the people are unaware of the advantages of a press release.

These digital changes mean that various forms of marketing and advertising evolve to please readers. Many people assume that press releases are an old and dying form of marketing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

 A press release has the serious advantages of a press release, especially in today’s rapidly growing digital landscape.

 They are a serious form of branding strategy and can also add a lot of credibility to a new brand or business. Press releases offer companies the opportunity to immediately advertise their products or services and help them get discovered.

You might be wondering why press release? Is there any advantage of press release? Then we have listed down some of the points related to advantages of press release.

Advantages of Press Release: 

  • Discover a new brand or product  
  • Generate social shares 
  • Website traffic for the brand 
  • Generate product or service sales

Marketing - Top 10 Press Release Rules that You can't miss.

There are numerous advantages of press release but the above mentioned were some of the specific points that needs to be taken care of.

To get the most out of your press release, it is very important to follow some important rules to consider writing a good press release. These rules will help you design your press release in a way that resonates with your audience and leads to success.

If you want positive coverage of your business, you must present a good story to the media. And for this, we have got you covered, this article would guide you onto writing a good press release.

1. Be Brief

 Aim for a maximum of two pages, but if you can reduce your press release to one page, it is well in good. Busy editors/journalists don’t have the time (or inclination) to work page by page of information. Keep your language simple, concise, and direct, avoid jumbled words at all costs. This would definitely help you to inculcate a habit while writing a good press release

2. Use attention-grabbing headlines

 In addition to summarizing the story, your “headline” must generate interest and sting, or your post could be ignored or removed. Don’t try to be too cryptic or “funny” in your headline, it can seem to be annoying sometimes. This will surely be a add-on point to advantages of press release. As, you will be able to write catchy headlines.

3. Enter a publication date

 You need a date, or a journalist/editor has no idea how old or new the story is. If for some reason you do not want your messages to be published at a certain time, please provide an “embargo until” date. In general, journalists are happy to take note of embargoes. While writing a good Press Release always try to mention the publication date so that it looks professional.

4. Communicate the most important facts in your first paragraph

 Use up to 100 words to explain who you are, what you are advertising, where it will take place, when it will happen, possibly why, and how. Answering each of these questions will allow you to communicate the key facts of the story. Treat this part as your elevator pitch.

5. Expand the story but keep it thin

Don’t add irrelevant information. Each paragraph below should add color and interest to the story, which means avoiding unnecessary waffles. By the time a reader has reached the end of his press release, he should have answered all the key questions in his story.

6. Include some good quotes

 Comments from you and/or a representative of your company and the other key players in the story (possibly a client) make it easier for the journalist to write the story. Make sure your quotes are interesting and informative, and not just “mild soap” about how great your company is. Any journalist/editor would consider it worthy and highlight that point. While Writing a good press release should always try to include some positivity and add punchy quote so that it would put impact on the reader.

7. Add a profile or background and contacts

 This should appear under the caption “Note to the editor” and appear at the end of the post. You should explain the necessary data about your company (for example, when it was founded, where it is located, how many employees, key products/services, key markets/customers, etc.). A couple of paragraphs will suffice. Also, add some interesting facts. A reporter may want to call you to tell you about additional offers. Therefore, make sure your message includes a contact name, email address, direct phone and cell phone number, postal address, and web address. 

8. Add an Image

 If possible, you will need an image to illustrate the story. It must be a high-quality, high-resolution 1080p digital image that is saved in JPEG format. It could be you, one of your employees, or one of your products (people shots are usually the best) trying to make it visually interesting. Do not hang or embed it in the press release, as many journalists do not like it, or their servers block such mail. Instead, post “High-resolution image available” which contains a phone number, email address, etc.

9. Correct spelling and grammar mistakes

 They will make you look clumsy and unethical. Check the spelling of your press release, print it out, and read the copy again. Once you are satisfied that there are no more errors, ask someone else to review it. While writing a good press release be very careful to avoid grammar mistakes because it would show up as a negative side of your press release.

10. Email your press release to specific contacts

Email is the most reliable way of sending your press release which would be more effective. Paste your plain text copy into the body of the email instead of sending it as an attachment. Contact Publications and ask for the email address of the person you need to send the release to, but do not call to see if it has arrived and/or is in use. Busy editors/journalists hate that. Even this would help you to extend your reach and hence, it is an advantage of a good press release.


 Hence at the end of this article, you would be knowing that what are the advantages of press release how they are bringing change to a flourishing company and what all points should be taken care of while writing a good press release because writing a good press release would fetch huge traffic to your site and ultimately your company would grow and bloom.

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