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UX Statistics

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UX Statistics
  • ROI for UX is 9,900%.
  • 85% of adults think that a mobile website should be better than the desktop version.
  • 46.7% of consumers will tell others about a bad experience.
  • A load time greater than 3 seconds causes 53% of mobile users to leave the company.
  • Fixing a UX issue after startup costs 100 times more.
  • Half of existing customers visit the website less if it is not mobile-friendly.

General User Experience Statistics that you should be aware of.

  1. Every dollar invested in UX generates an ROI of 9.900%.
    That means you can get almost $ 100 back if you invest just one dollar in user experience. Also, the importance of a good user experience is likely to increase in the future, so the ROI may be even higher in a few years.
  2. More than half of mobile visitors wait 3 seconds for a website to load.
    Have you optimized your website for mobile phones? Up to 53% of mobile device users will come to the door if their website doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Mobile website load time statistics also show that the longer the page takes to load, the higher the abandonment rate.
  3. It is unlikely that almost 90% of users will return after a bad user experience.
    Up to 88% of your online customers are less likely to return to your website after a bad experience. Statistics also show that websites with an average income of $ 100,000 per day lose $ 2.5 million per year due to a delay of one second.
  4. 46.7% of consumers will tell others about a bad experience.
    If you know your website has poor UI or UX, you’d better hire a UX design company to fix it now, before it’s too late. Save the solution for later, and the user experience statistics will show that you will only get more visitors who could tell others about their negative experiences on your site. The more they add up, the more people have heard bad things about you.
  5. A better user interface means a 200% increase in conversion rate.
    Who doesn’t want to win twice as many customers? You can do this by simply making sure that your interface is well built. Add to this an improved UX design, and the conversion rate can skyrocket by up to 400%.
    UX statistics of the mobile interface
  6. 85% of adults think that the mobile website should be better than its desktop counterpart.
    people want to have a mobile. They appreciate the advantage of being able to navigate from anywhere. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile yet, it may be time to hire a new web designer or even work with an app design company to take care of your mobile offering.
  7. 57% of users will not recommend a poorly designed mobile website.
    Have you ever asked your customers if they would recommend you to others? If more than half of them say they wouldn’t, your website is likely poorly designed for mobile experiences or you have mobile apps with poor UX. Remember that 50% of shoppers start their product search from their smartphone. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on this segment as much as on the desktop.
  8. 82% of the top-rated websites are mobile-friendly, as mobile user experience statistics show.
    With so much traffic coming from mobile phones, it’s no wonder it has become the new holy grail of search engine rankings, as SEO statistics confirm. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should forget about the desktop layout. However, it shows you how much the mobile website market has evolved since the early days of iPhones and Windows Mobile 6.1.
  9. More than 80% of users expect a seamless experience on all devices.
    Poor usability websites do not meet viewer expectations. Statistics show that up to 83% of users expect a flawless experience on all platforms.
  10. 40% of small businesses still do not have a website.
    It sounds amazing, but more than a third of small businesses don’t have a website. 13% of them only trust a Facebook page or a Twitter account when building their online presence. 28% of business owners believe their business doesn’t need a website and for 20% of them, the cost is the main reason they don’t have a website.

On the other hand, this could be an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are just entering the scene to surprise their competition, especially if they opt for web design specialists who offer a professional-looking website.

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