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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) came into effect after 1996. This law contains guidelines and rules for the protection of protected health information or PHI. Like telemedicine application development, HIPAA application development also requires its plan and structure.

HIPAA chat or messaging applications provide a way to speak securely. Users are keener on using the accessibility that is been provided by these applications. A healthcare messaging app allows doctors, nurses, and patients to share PHI without risking privacy invasion.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different aspects of a health application. We’ll start with the benefits up to the core features of the HIPAA-compliant messaging app. Next, we will also discuss the best HIPAA-compliant SMS app for patients and doctors.

Solutions such as a HIPAA SMS application and other similar products have a wide market. For successful HIPPA chat apps or products, we should ensure that they are unique and delivers desired results.

Keeping this in mind, if you are a start-up wanting to build the best HIPAA compliant texting app, check our guide on HIPAA compliant app development.

examples of sales promotions used by health and medical institutions.

Some numerous apps and agents provide the building of a two-way text messaging product for the patient. We have assembled our top four picks for solo providers, medical practices, hospitals, and provider groups with developer support.

  • OHMD
    Two-way SMS and text reminders. Fewer features, but all the essentials are included. Competitive prices for small and medium medical practices. Patient engagement tools include telemedicine, electronic forms, website chat, and more. A smaller company with more personal support.
  • NextHealth
    A platform for two-way SMS, text reminders, and patient engagement. Includes schedule, reminders, call-backs, payments, and more. Contains a platform for patient participation. Native API with integrations with around 50 EHR. Initial focus on dental offices.
  • Tiger Connect
    Long-time healthcare provider of text messaging. Competitive pricing for text messages only; Additional features cost more money. New patient engagement tools including SMS broadcasts, organizer app, and virtual waiting room. Messages are securely hosted via SSL after the patient has authenticated using the date of birth or two-factor authentication. The patient needs a smartphone with data to display texts.
  • Twilio
    Powerful API trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses and millions of developers. You can create any text messaging workflow imaginable. Developers should be experienced to build such a type of custom application.

Hence, it is beneficial to have a two-way texting app to ensure encryption while the patient is sharing some personal issues.