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Today, many hospitals and healthcare organizations and general practitioner consider important to take a Patient Survey. Easy-to-use online surveys provide an easy way to gather information to find gaps in customer service and improve services.
Tracking and improving customer satisfaction has always been a very important factor in driving business and has also become a major issue in the medical world. This is mainly because the best possible care for patients is very important in the modern healthcare industry.
Conducting patient satisfaction surveys allows healthcare providers to know if they are meeting patient expectations or missing an area. To compete with other medical services, it is imperative that healthcare providers seek the opinion of their patients so that they can set standards and act when those standards are not met.

Reasons to conduct patient satisfaction surveys

The first reason to conduct patient satisfaction surveys is to find out what is important to your patients. You may not believe it, but the way your patient is treated from the moment they enter your facility is very important:

           • Are your receptionists friendly and helpful?
           • Do your patients have to wait a long time without an explanation?
           • Is there a play area for children and toys to play while they wait?

 All of these may be factors that cause your patients to look elsewhere, even if you provide excellent care.  How Online Surveys Can Help Improve Services
By conducting patient satisfaction surveys, you are telling your patients that their feedback is very important and that their feedback will help you provide quality services. By submitting a patient satisfaction survey online immediately after a visit, your patients can provide valuable feedback while they are fresh on their minds.
By understanding patients’ experiences, you can improve the standard of their medical care.
Another benefit of submitting a survey online is that patients can answer their questions anonymously, which generally means they are more likely to give honest answers. In most cases, your patients will not want to tell you to your face that you have a receptionist who does not provide the information you are looking for and makes you feel uncomfortable and you simply search for another doctor’s office.
After your visit, your patients will talk to their family and friends about what they think of your services. Showing you care about your opinion will give them better reasons to keep you as their healthcare provider and will most likely lead to word of mouth.
The information you get from patient satisfaction surveys not only helps improve care, it also ensures that your patients have the most comfortable time with you as possible.
How Patient Satisfaction Surveys Can Help
Many Hospitals have a long-term program to collect regular feedback from patients. This case study illustrates how using a secure and easy-to-use survey system has resulted in a high return on investment.
When you know the factors that can make a stressful office visit an enjoyable experience, you can work to make the patient journey as smooth as possible. Investigate all the processes they go through, such as:
           • Know the hours of operation
           • The appointment processes
           • Sign up for an appointment
           • Waiting time
           • Waiting room convenience
           • Pay the bill
           • Support and Information
           • Follow-up Care Reminder
Online surveys can help meet patient needs from the time they see a need for your services until their visit is completed.

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