Target Plus™ Management & Optimization Services

NeuBrain partners with growing ecommerce businesses like yours to provide cutting-edge strategies and services. Target Plus™ is a rapidly growing opportunity for ecommerce businesses to partner with one of the world's largest retailers. Learn about our management plans below.

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Explore Target Plus™ service plans

Aggressive Plan

$ 1000 Month


Market Leader Plan

14% of ad spend /month


Trailblazer Plan

12% of ad spend /month


Expand your audience with Target Plus™ optimization

Target announced in 2019 that they were launching Target Plus™, an innovative new way for third-party retailers to sell on

Once your business applies and is accepted into the program, you have the opportunity to get your products in front of Target’s massive retail audience online.

This gives ecommerce retailers an opportunity to aggressively grow market share through a top-tier third-party marketplace.

Target Plus™ Marketplace Management Services

FeaturesTarget Plus™ Management | Neubrain | Target Plus AggressiveTarget Plus™ Management | Neubrain | Target Plus Market LeaderTarget Plus™ Management | Neubrain | Target Plus TrailblazerTarget Plus™ Management | Neubrain | Target Plus Enterprise
Apply to be a Target Plus™ Retailer
Addition of products to
Up to 20 productsUp to 50 productsUp to 100 products100+ products
Category and Subcategory Suggestions
Build Product Content Feed
Review Best Practices Guide
Shipping Guidelines Best Practices Guide
Target Pricing Structure Training Guide
Product Search Volume Analysis
Duplicate Product Analysis and Listing Reclamation
Product Description Copywriting
1 page per product
Competitor Product and Price Point Analysis
Dashboard Setup (Free with ongoing marketing support)
Powered by Google Data Studio
Target Plus™ Monthly Management
$1,000$1,250/mo. or 14% of ad spend, whichever is greater$2,250/mo. or 12% of ad spend, whichever is greater$6,000/mo. Or 10% of ad spend, whichever is greater
One Time Setup (Over two months)
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Target Plus™ Marketplace Optimization

With a history of increasing client revenues, NeuBrain is the smart choice for companies looking to break into Target Plus™. Learn more about how our services can grow your online revenue by contacting us today!

Emerging market opportunity

The world's largest online marketplaces like Target, Walmart, and Amazon have opened up new opportunities for third-party retailers to use their platforms.

Revenue-focused management

The NeuBrain team designs your campaign from inception to be optimized around revenue generation. You can trust our experts to create the perfect campaign for your unique business and selling points.

Brand alignment is one of the most trusted brand names in ecommerce. Partnering with Target can help your products reach a new market segment and propel you to reach your growth goals.

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