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Our Shopify SEO agency experts have been working for nearly 10 years helping online stores obtain more business through optimal SEO practices. Our connection to Shopify and the vendors on the platform allows us to understand what factors most influence visibility, what customization can be made to optimize a Shopify website for major search engines, and what matters the most for search placement. We can build a custom SEO campaign based on your goals and objectives and create a campaign that achieves actual results for your online store.



Our experience with companies like Budweiser gives us to the knowledge and experience to work with large online stores and brands. We work with Shopify stores that have thousands of products to optimize product listings using special tools to target the right keywords for increased sales and search visibility.

Granular Approach to Shopify SEO

Our SEO experts use sophisticated techniques to boost your online conversions.

Project Analysis

To produce the best results, our SEO experts make sure they understand your project inside and out.

Competitor Analysis

Neubrain performs a deep analysis of your greatest competitors to understand the results they achieve and how they do it.


Our analysis of on-page elements allows us to customize the user experience to optimize for search performance.


Our analysis of on-page elements allows us to customize the user experience to optimize for search performance.

Product Reviews

Search engines have made it clear — positive reviews are a key indicator of a reputable online brand. We drive reviews.


SEO is an ongoing process. As the algorithms change, our approach to optimizing websites changes as well.

Increase your sales & enjoy a lower CPA.

Achieve a significant increase in sales in 12 months.

Organic search results are a great way to generate leads without the constant cost associated with a paid search campaign. We produce Shopify SEO campaigns to increase lead generation and conversion while reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA) in the long-term. By planning for the long-term, our campaigns produce better results and a significantly decreased CPA within 12 months. As natural, organic traffic starts to increase, the need for paid lead generation decreases.



Our research enables us to build campaigns that target the right audiences. We helped Taylor Stitch grow annual sales by 280% annually. Bremont saw a 323% increase in organic search traffic. Penguin Books increased online sales by 252% with a 78% decrease in CPA.

Insightful and in-depth SEO reports.

Your Shopify store results help calibrate our strategy.

Transparency is one of our core philosophies. It governs how we prepare our Shopify SEO campaigns and how we disclose information to our clients. Our reports provide each client with a snapshot of their Shopify SEO campaign, the efforts we are putting into their campaign, and the results of those efforts. For the brands we work with to get the most value, we are open about what we achieve and offer recommendations on what can be done outside of SEO to take advantage of those results. Your reports are more than just numbers, they are detailed insight into the results you’re achieving.

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