Health and medical institutions exist to serve



Health and medical institutions exist to serve, and in doing so they need to competently attract and retain patients. Because patient acquisition and retention are critical success factors, the skills associated with them must be continually shaped, honed, and developed throughout the lifecycle of healthcare facilities, with the sense of communication paramount.
Health care institutions direct their communication to current and prospective patients in a variety of ways and typically select one or more established methods from the discipline of marketing.
One of the such methods is also sales promotion, a branch of what is known as the marketing and communication, a 5-component matrix that also includes advertising, in-person sales, public relations, and direct marketing. Promotion involves the use of incentives such as contests and free giveaways to encourage sponsorship.
Sales promotion efforts significantly complement other elements of the marketing communications mix and create useful synergies that reinforce the aggregate communication efforts of institutions.
Communication channels that use sales promotions are widely used by health institutions, and high priority is given to the development of highly creative applications that promote differentiation, increase memorability, and increase interest and attention.

 Given the wide range of advocacy opportunities, particularly accelerated by creative influences, many benefits arise when opportunities arise to examine the related efforts of peer-to-peer health care institutions.

examples of sales promotions used by health and medical institutions.

Sales promotion’s motive is to provide incentives to the customer. The following are examples of sales promotions used by health and medical institutions.
         • Gifts: the maternity ward of a medical center delivers gift baskets to new mothers; A cosmetic surgery clinic distributes logo skin care products to patients at the end of their visit.
         • Free Trials: A hospital wellness center offers free 30-day trial memberships that allow prospects to evaluate the facility and its services; A weight loss clinic offers those interested the opportunity to participate in 3-month studies to evaluate a specific diet program.
         • Coupons: An eye clinic offers a coupon that entitles beneficiaries to a 10000 Rs discount on laser correction surgery; a dental clinic offers a voucher that grants holders a 10% discount that can be applied to any dental service.
         • Giveaway: A nursing home offers residents or their caregivers the opportunity to enter a cash drawing in exchange for participating in a customer satisfaction survey; a pediatric medical center offers patients the opportunity to participate in an art contest in which the winning work is permanently displayed.
         • Loyalty Programs – A hospital has a VIP patient program that provides access to a variety of tips, including covered parking, free food in the cafeteria, a monthly newsletter, and more; A dental practice offers patients a free dental cleaning after every 10 dental cleaning services they have received.

Sales promotion offers healthcare providers a complementary communication channel that helps reinforce other elements of the marketing communications mix and enables synergies and related opportunities to build better connections with existing and potential patients.
When formulating communication plans, healthcare and healthcare providers should remember the benefits of promotions and, when and where possible, incorporate them to enrich promotional activities, with a special focus on highly creative applications to increase interest and awareness. awareness.

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