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First and foremost, you should have a solid knowledge of what an Instagram pre-launch includes. You must consider your approach an important component of the total campaign outcome. A pre-launch allows your company to acquire the attention of a certain audience, which can then be translated into sales.

Without taking the time to develop a strategy, you may be randomly releasing fresh content, catching followers off guard, and making it difficult for them to keep up with you. If you’re launching a new product, going in without a strategy is a squandered opportunity to acquire visitors and possible conversions.

Let’s get started.

Tips for Developing an Instagram Launch Strategy


How does one go about pre-launching a product? When first starting, it’s critical to stick to a plan that will keep your company and Instagram account on track until launch day. Your company will be able to achieve a pre-launch build-up if you follow the list below.

  1. Determine your goal.

Before starting on Instagram, you should outline your brand’s ultimate goal and what you hope to gain from a pre-launch. Do you want to spread the word about a new product? Are you attempting to generate excitement among your audience? Are you attempting to attract a specific type of customer? All of these are attainable goals that your firm may achieve with an Instagram pre-launch.

  1. Create a schedule.

You should plan out when you want to launch your merchandise. Once you’ve decided on a date, you should proceed backward, beginning with the launch date. From there, you’ll be able to see how much time and work are required to prepare for the campaign. This method will also keep your launch on schedule without the chance of deviating from the initial strategy.

  1. Define your artistic vision.

The following phase in your pre-launch strategy should be to define the creative direction of your campaign. Keep in mind that you can generate visually appealing and persuasive Instagram posts. This is the moment to focus on developing content that will entice your target audience and make them excited about what’s to come.

  1. Create assets.

You should be gathering and creating material for your account, whether it’s photographs, movies, or graphics. When developing these assets, keep in mind that your creative direction and aesthetic will be reflected in each piece of content, necessitating a unified feed that consumers will like.

  1. Make use of a variety of features.

Instagram allows you to generate fantastic visuals like stories and other video content, which may be powerful at influencing an audience. You should make use of all of these aspects and include them in your overall marketing approach.

  1. Form alliances with influential people.

Collaborations with influencers are virtually always required for a successful Instagram pre-launch. The utilization of influencers with a comparable audience to the one your business is attempting to target will aid in the expansion of your campaign’s reach. This strategy might also be used physically by arranging an in-person event at a venue and inviting a large number of influencers to assist in promoting the launch.

  1. Sort through your belongings.

Before you even consider releasing content, be sure that all assets are scheduled and ready for the launch date. Determine when your target audience is most active so that your Instagram posts are published at the optimal time. This allows your company to concentrate on real-time marketing circumstances, such as responding to followers or publishing their stories to your account to improve engagement. Having everything in place ahead of time can help if any difficulties arise at the last minute that requires your attention, providing you with the time and flexibility to fix them.

Pre-and Post-Launch Suggestions

These suggestions should be examined before developing any pre-or post-launch strategies.

  1. Maintain consistency in your branding.

When it comes to branding your company’s Instagram account, especially for a campaign, your firm should have a distinct design and feel that will appeal to your target demographic. This might be accomplished using Adobe’s color palette generator or Canva’s mood board builder.

Nyx Cosmetics does an excellent job of maintaining consistency in their feed by showcasing makeup looks from their fans. This Halloween, the cosmetics company is releasing user-generated Halloween posts.

  1. Make a big deal out of your launch.

How do you create buzz on Instagram? Up until launch day, your organization will need to develop innovative and engaging content. Be mindful of how long you choose to promote your campaign, as consumers can lose interest if they have to wait too long.

Here’s a Selena Gomez example. In this post, she generates buzz for her new foundation line’s post-launch by highlighting women wearing her product:

  1. Increase the value of all of your assets by a factor of two.

Don’t overlook the minor details. Remember that you’ll need cover photographs for Instagram grid videos, story highlights, assets after launch, and so on.


  1. Regularly publish content.

To maintain high engagement on your account, you should continue to post material well after the debut date and schedule articles regularly. At all costs, your organization should avoid reaching a post-launch plateau.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram’s shopping feature.

To better respond to consumers’ demands and increase conversions, your company should consider making its page shoppable when developing an Instagram strategy for fashion brands.

  1. Use relevant hashtags in your post.

Create a hashtag that followers will be able to use once your campaign is live to increase engagement on your account.

Brands That Have Already Launched

Looking at brands that have employed pre-launch methods successfully, the companies listed below come from a variety of industries.

  • The character of Batman

Batman, a soon-to-be-released film, is a smart example because it uses the platform to advertise itself before its premiere in 2021. The series already has a significant fan base, so providing an account for fans to gather, connect, and see movie teasers would help the brand receive even more attention.

  • Jumelle

Jumelle, a bathing suit brand, has used Instagram as a pre-and post-launch strategy for its new line. Not only was Jumelle able to build anticipation for its followers before the debut, but the company also chose to engage with influencers after the launch to increase its reach with similar audiences.


Following a strategy for an Instagram pre-launch will give you the best chance of accomplishing your objectives, whether they be to increase income and follower base, extend brand reach, or rebrand. Pre-launch strategies should not be viewed as a daunting task, but rather as an exciting opportunity to achieve new objectives.

Or else, if you feel it’s a hectic job then you are just a call away.

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