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As a leading PPC Management agency, Neubrain helps businesses gain traction through paid advertising, drives more website traffic, and ensures conversion. We help companies of various sizes by raising their brand awareness, generating leads and driving sales through innovative strategies.

From determining the scope of the project and setting up goals to creating end-to-end campaigns, we improve your ROI with scalable PPC marketing. Our PPC specialists deliver the best-in-class, tailor-made campaigns that perform, generate quality leads, and increase ROI for your business. We focus on running ad campaigns on Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other online platforms where businesses can get a promotional boost.

By advertising at the top of the search engine results, we make it easier for your potential customers to discover your products and services.

Pay Per Click Management | Neubrain | Pay Per Click

Our Pay Per Click Methodology

Funnel Creation

As Growth Hackers, we create a marketing funnel to enable buyers to decide if a particular product is a right fit for them. At the top of the funnel, we generate leads through social media posts, blogs, videos, etc. At the middle of the funnel, we generate prospects through webinars, surveys, and promotional material.

Strategic Keyword Research

To generate leads at the top of the funnel, we begin with a systematic, strategic keyword research where we craft relevant PPC keyword lists and keyword groups. Conducting thorough keyword research captures all stages of the customer’s journey.

Landing Page Design

After the consolidation of keywords, we move on to the creation of a minimalist and attractive landing page that is consistent with the websites’ overall design, making your brand instantly recognizable by the visitor.

Ad Copywriting

Our landing pages are rendered complete by leveraging the art and science of persuasive copywriting. We excel in writing compelling copies that address potential customers’ pain points, evoke emotions and incites actions. Our ad copies can amplify your business potential.

Campaign & Conversion Tracking Setup

Our modus operandi involves creating campaigns to drive conversions and tracking them back to their sources. We set goals to create a profitable campaign from scratch and ensure conversion tracking to optimize for results that matter.

Analysis and Optimization

We monitor and analyze the performance metrics of the campaigns with tools such as Ahref and SpyFu. We deep-dive into data and fetch actionable insights of the competitors and customers, and thereby, optimize your PPC campaigns.

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Pay Per Click Results

We don’t mess around. We prioritize and execute to drive real results.

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Pay Per Click Management | Neubrain | Pay Per Click
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