Netabanner Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Netabanner

Neubrain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and our affiliates Netabanner (collectively, “Company”) respect the privacy rights of our customer and recognize the importance of your personal information. The Company complies with the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.” and “Personal Information Protection Act.” Hereinafter, “you” or “your” refers to the customer who use our services, and “we,” “our” or “us” refers to the Company.

This Privacy Policy will come into effect starting October 12th, 2021, and if there are any changes made, we will notify you through announcements in our application and website (or individual notifications through document, email, telephone, text message, etc.).

1. Purpose

This Privacy Policy informs you on the purpose and the means through which we handle your personal information collected for your use of our websites, services, applications, products and contents, in addition to the measures we take for the protection of such information.

2. Definition

In this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall be defined as set forth below:

(1) “Personal Information” refers to the information about a living individual, which can identify the individual with the name, resident registration number, etc., included in the information (This includes Personal Information that can verify an identity when combined with another information but is insufficient for identification alone).

(2) “Service” refers to all the services provided by us, including all websites, applications, products and contents.

(3) “Customer” refers to any customer who uses the Service provided by us.

(4) “Member” refers to any Customer who has created an account through the registration procedure prescribed by the Company.

(5) “ID” refers to the email address submitted by the Customer and approved by the Company for your identity verification and use of Service.

(6) “Password” refers to the combination of letters and/or numbers created by the Customer for identity verification and protection of your rights and interests.

3. Collection of Personal Information

(1) Through websites, applications and other means, we collect your personal information as prescribed below. If you do not agree to provide such information, you may be restricted from using the Service:

  • Membership registration information: email address, password and name;
  • Paid service usage information: service purchase information and membership registration information;
  • Event and promotion participation information: email address, name and address;
  • Information for the provision of the Service: OS information, hardware information, Android ID, Google Advertising ID and advertising data; and
  • Information automatically generated in the process of using the Service: IP address, access record, service usage record, crash logs, diagnostic information, performance data (launch time, hang rate, energy usage), product interactions and cookies.

 (2) The Company shall be connected with third-parties like Razorpay for payments of all kinds, Firebase and One signal and each of these sites although connected or in correspondence to Neta banner or any other affiliates of Neubrain Solutions, we do not take liability of the third-parties privacy policies or terms of use. Hence, it is asked of the user to please go through the privacy policies of all the third-party separately before giving any personal information or any other information in general. The links to the third-party privacy policies will be given herein in the clause named “Third-party Privacy Policy links” 

(3) In principle, we do not collect the personal information of the Customer under the age of 14.

4. Purpose of Personal Information Collection

We collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To recommend and provide optimized and customized services through understanding your preferences in using our Service;
  • To improve existing Services and develop new services;
  • To compile analysis and statistics on your use of the Service;
  • To ensure service stability, prevent fraudulent customers, protect accounts and restrict violations of laws and our Terms of Service;
  • To notify and conduct events and promotions;
  • To respond to complaints regarding the Service; and
  • In regards reports made by the Customer regarding personal information, such as the request to access, modify and suspend the processing of the information

5. Processing and Retention of Personal information

Any information or personal data that the user provides/ shares via the app/ website shall be treated with due diligence and with utmost sensitivity. Any & all personal information provided by the user is considered under the terms of Sensitive data and is hence handled with security. Should we ask you to provide any information by which you can be identified when using this website, and then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. We respect the privacy of all those who visit our Website, and use our online services through computers, mobiles or otherwise, we do collect certain relevant information from and about our users.

6. Third-Party Privacy Policy Links:


7. Cookies Policy

(1) We use cookies to store or retrieve information on your browser from time to time. A cookie is a small piece of text file sent from your browser to the web server used in our website operation and stored in your computer hard drive and mobile device.

(2) We use cookies to store environment settings, such as language, to enable automatic login or to provide a more personalized service.

(3) You have your choices in our use of cookies. Through setting the options of your browser, you can accept all cookies; be alerted whenever a website is attempting to place a cookie on your computer; or disable all cookies. However, with disablement of cookies, you may be restricted in accessing our Service. 

8. Ensuring Safety of Personal Information

We take the necessary technical, administrative and physical measures in handling your personal information as follows:

(1) Your password is encrypted when we store and manage it, so only you know it. Only you, who are aware of the password, can access and change your personal information.

(2) To prevent leakage or damage of your personal information due to hacking or virus attacks on computer, we have installed our system where it is inaccessible from the outside. We back up our data on a frequent basis to prevent damage of personal information. We have in system the most up-to-date vaccine program to prevent leakage or damage of the personal information. We provide encrypted communication, etc. to safely transfer personal information on the network.

(3) We allow only those designated personnel to handle personal information, and a special passcode, which is regularly renewed, is endowed to those staffs for their job. They are educated from time to time on their compliance with the Company’s Privacy Policy.

9. Change of Privacy Policy

  • Effective Date: 8 August, 2022
  • The Company will consistently update any changes to this Privacy Policy through announcement of the modification and its effective date within the Service.