Is Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Growing Sales?


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Is Your Instagram Marketing Strategy Growing Sales?

If the answer is no and you are in the field of e-commerce, it’s time to look for a soul.

It’s a very understatement to say that your business is booming on Instagram.

According to Instagram itself, 60% of users rely on platforms to research and discover products. As a result, retailers and e-commerce brands likewise treat Instagram as an extension of their existing storefront.

Instagram’s status as a hub for e-commerce sales doesn`t show any signs of slowing down, either. Just look at the `gram`s new ad types and features such as checkout on Instagram as proof of that.

The good news? Given how much the platform has evolved and grown, now`s a prime time to rethink your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram marketing tips

 For brands primarily interested in scaling their sales from social media, we`ve highlighted 6 actionable Instagram marketing tips below.

  • Stick to a product-oriented content calendar
    First of all, what do you need to post? As mentioned in the
    Social Commerce Guide, product-related posts are one of the most popular types of content on Instagram. The brand wants to avoid follower spam, but don’t be afraid to showcase their products.
    Sounds like a cliché, but it’s about presentations. Posting dull product photos isn’t very successful.
    Instead, think of ways to make your offer stand out in a stylish environment. For example, IKEA presents its products in the form of a real shop window. In addition to
    photos, the video should be part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Impressive and fun, from mini-commercial to endless loops, boomerang-style videos are a fair game. Even big brands like the Swatch publishes playful and engaging video content to showcase its products.
    But the real key to killing it on Instagram is user-generated content. Sharing a customer’s photo does the dual job of making your followers stand out and proving to potential customers that people love your product.
  • Count your creativity and voice
    The kind of “gold rush” idea of boosting sales on Instagram means that brands often face overcrowded competition. To break through the
    noise, you need to harness your creativity. A brand that can win a certain niche or brand is often one that produces a significant number of followers.
    And the more followers you have, the more sales opportunities you have. “There’s no right way to impress your followers, but let’s take a look at some examples.
    colors are a subtle (and sometimes less subtle) way to get someone’s attention on Instagram. The example above is a great example of Skullcandy’s color-specific collage. The
    brand regularly adopts a variety of color schemes to ensure an aesthetically pleasing feed that confuses followers.
    Another popular tactic to influence Instagram is humor. Whether it’s a meme or a clever caption, people generally value interesting content as a kind of “break off” from traditional advertising messages.
    Still, it’s more than possible to combine humor with product-related contributions. You don’t have to be a comedian on your brand’s Instagram, but some clever content can help a lot. The brand should strive to find trademarks and voices in grams sooner rather than later. To do this, here’s a quick sample of Instagram marketing tools to boost your creativity.
  1. VSCO: Gold standard for Instagram editing with various filters and style options

      2.InShot: Probably the most popular video-Instagram editor with features such as music and speed control

      3.Canva: This free editor With, you can easily create image macros, memes, and text-based posts tailored for social media

  • Curation and promotion of user-generated content
    This is great.
    Again, the customer’s photo is pure gold from a marketing point of view. Filling your content calendar with user-generated content is one of the best ways to sell your products and brands to your Instagram audience.
    Our social collection feature takes the chore of discovering wild UGC and allows you to share them without repeatedly asking for permission from individual accounts.
  • Selling on Instagram Stories
    If there is one type of content that currently dominates Instagram, it’s a story.
    The story of more than 500 million users per day is no longer just new to e-commerce brands and retailers.
    The story gives the brand a lot of creative freedom in promoting its products. Do you want to post a handheld selfie? Sophisticated product photos that encourage specific actions?
    Stories allow you to bring your brand to the forefront and center it in your follower’s Instagram feed while doing both.
  • Creating Instagram-specific landing pages
    Instagram provides brands with a single valuable bio link to direct traffic directly from the platform to their website.
    Do not leave this property idle.
    For example, don’t just post a general home page link in your Instagram biography. This limits Instagram’s ability to measure marketing strategy behavior, social traffic, or ROI. Oh, and you need to make sure your landing page is optimized primarily for Instagram’s mobile user base.
  • Use Instagram Ads to Promote Your Most Popular Products
    Once you manage Instagram’s organic marketing strategy, paid ads shouldn’t be too late.
    It’s worth considering Instagram’s advertising platform, especially for e-commerce and retail brands, so that you can target your specific audience and expand your promotion.
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