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Infographics are a fantastic way to present content to your audience in an engaging, interesting format, and they're also much more likely to go viral and gain widespread attention than more traditional types of content. We know exactly what it takes to design and build the perfect infographics for your business and industry: Pricing for our custom infographic services is 100% transparent - you always know exactly where your money goes. Scroll down for more details or fill out the form for an exact quote!

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Basic Promotion

$ 3,600/ / infographic


Market Leader Promotion

$ 4,800 /infographic


Infographic Design Services That Include Content Development, Design, and Promotion

Are you looking for innovative methods of creating content that could possibly go viral and significantly increase your website’s overall reach and brand’s awareness? Then it’s time to consider a custom pricing plan from NeuBrain. Our infographics are among the best because:

  • Our data visualization experts design engaging, information graphics that explain and captivate viewers on a particular topic in an alternative medium
  • They facilitate emotional connections with your brand and position your company as an industry leader with a wealth of knowledge on a particular topic
  • Our Internet marketing and online PR team formulates a strategy reflective of your brand and industry and also likely to be shared on highly-trafficked sites
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Our Infographic Pricing Packages and Services

As social media and viral content becomes more and more powerful across the web, infographics follow closely behind. An infographic is an invaluable and influential tool in providing real data to your customers, both existing and potential.

At NeuBrain, we consider information graphics an online asset for your company. That being said, our award-winning infographic designers bear this in mind throughout the entire visual information design process. Leave it to our expert design team to provide you with engaging, informational graphics. Finally; data visualization graphics that explain and captivate!

Basic Infographic Plans

FeaturesInfographic Design Services | Neubrain | Infographic Design Branded Image Infographic – Basic PromotionInfographic Design Services | Neubrain | Infographic Design Image Infographic – Market Leader Promotion
Infographic strategy development
Topic Research and Generation
Customized Topic Proposal with Data to Back it Up
Data analysis and Research
Initial Infographic Prototype
Audience Research
Infographic design revisions
3 rounds of edits3 rounds of edits
Final Infographic Delivery
Delivery of source files
Dedicated Project Manager
Dedicated Production Review Software for easy collaboration
….. Real Time Design Feedback”
….. Track version iterations to restore changes
Blog Post Writing
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Media Promotion Outreach (No Submission sites. Only Media Heavyweights to niche blogs.)
 Minimum of 10 hours spent
Social Media Promotion Budget
Image Attribution License
Image Attribution Tracking
Final Traffic and Social Interaction Campaign Report
Minimum of 5 hours spent
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Interactive Infographic Plans

FeaturesInfographic Design Services | Neubrain | Infographic Design Interactive Infographic – Basic PromotionInfographic Design Services | Neubrain | Infographic Design Interactive IG – Market Leader Promotion
Interactive Infographic strategy development
Industry research
Topic research
Data analysis
Infographic wireframe development
Initial infographic prototype
Infographic design revisions
3 rounds of edits3 rounds of edits
Up to 40 hours of development time creating interactivity (includes edits)
iFrame Embed Code Creation
Final infographic (with and without brand)
Delivery of source files
Setup of sharing buttons on web page
Dedicated Project Manager
Infographic “Best Practices Guide”
Social Media Promotion Budget
Blog post writing
Social media marketing
Minimum Social Shares
Outreach to influencers
Minimum of 1 hour spentMinimum of 5 hours spent
Final traffic campaign report
Final social interaction campaign report
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Micrographic Infographic Plans

FeaturesInfographic Design Services | Neubrain | Infographic Design Basic PromotionInfographic Design Services | Neubrain | Infographic Design Market Leader Promotion
Industry research
Topic research
Keyword research
Time spent on research
1 Hour2-3 Hours
Dedicated Project Manager
Final graphic
One round of edits
Delivery of source files
Creative Commons License or embed code
Written blog post
Word count
 400 minimum
Keywords used in copy
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Custom paid social advertising campaign ( )
Final Traffic and Social Interaction Campaign Report
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Infographics: A rising Internet marketing trend

The way users find and consume information is constantly evolving. Audiences prefer to consume facts, figures, and knowledge in different and innovative ways. Infographics are one key way that companies have responded to the consumer demand for distinctiveness. Data visualization is becoming more and more popular, and is only projected to increase in popularity.

To learn more about what infographics are, how they work, and their history, visit our page What Is an Infographic? for additional information.

The many uses for infographics

There are many different uses for an informational graphic. Some of the most common are social media, to illustrate a specific service or timeline on a particular page of your website, or to provide valuable data for your customers on a microsite. No matter how you want to use your infographic, NeuBrain has the skill, experience, and knowledge to create it for you. We'll show you exactly why we're an infographics design company with an award-winning history.

Why is data visualization so powerful?

Considering approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, infographics speak to the majority of the population, and these people will thank you for providing them with an alternative means of reaching your key information and attaining industry insight, while having less to read.

Data chart and pen

Benefits of Informational Graphics to Your Company

No one knows your company and industry better than you. That’s exactly what you’re communicating to your customers through the creation of any informational image. People connect with visuals, which means when you provide them with a visual to connect with, they’re ultimately making a connection with your brand name. In addition to facilitating emotional connections with your brand and positioning your company as an industry leader with a wealth of knowledge, by marketing your infographic and having it placed on other sites, your infographic helps boost the following:

  • Traffic to your website (from websites that make use of your infographic)
  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Powerful links to your website (which help with SEO)
  • Overall sales
  • Customer loyalty
  • Higher ROI in the long run

What are video infographics?

Video infographics, or motion graphics, are animated infographics. Usually set to music or a fitting soundtrack, a motion graphic displays the same information as an infographic, but in a more visually engaging way. Below is the motion graphic version of the infographic shown above.

Video infographic prices vary, but like our standard infographic pricing, our rates are reasonable and include both creation and promotion of your content. Our video infographic cost is available in the pricing table above, or you can visit our motion graphics page to learn more about this innovative new method of information animation and display.

What are micrographics?

Micrographics are smaller infographics, typically used as a way of breaking up text. Most are fairly simple designs meant to add a visual dimension to your pages. Micrographics are perfect for taking great content to the next level!

While micrographic pricing can vary as well, we offer comprehensive packages and reasonable, competitive rates. Check out the pricing table above for a more detailed look at the micrographic work we can do for you.

Infographics: Brand promotion with positive results

So you employ the services of our professional and skilled design team to create a stellar and unrivaled infographic. But if no one ever sees it, is that really a cost effective strategy? The goals of an informational graphic are to help increase traffic, brand awareness and ultimately overall sales; are they not? Promotion facilitates these end goals. Without proper promotion, your infographic may never be seen by anyone. In order for content to go viral, it must be seen by influential individuals; that’s where our Internet marketing team comes in.

Our award-winning infographic designers and certified Internet marketers collaborate to provide you with a sound, cost-effective Internet marketing strategy. The design is just one piece of the pie. While a very important part, if no one ever sees your infographic, the resources spent on its creation will be lost. Our Internet marketing team is experienced in the promotion of various infographics in a wide range of industries. Call on the skills and expertise of our knowledgeable team to devise and implement an effectual strategy well worth the investment.

We perform in-depth research to gain invaluable insight and provide accurate and exclusive data before we ever begin the infographic design process. Working in this order ensures your infographic provides the information and statistics your key customers are not only searching for, but also most interested in learning more about. From there, our infographic design team produces an informational image sure to stand out among all the noise on the web.

Once your infographic is complete, our dedicated team of PR professionals can promote it for you, ensuring that it receives as many social media shares and links as possible, helping boost your site’s credibility and brand’s recognition online.

Choose NeuBrain for infographic design services

When you’re ready to tap into the power of custom infographics, NeuBrain is ready and willing to help. We’re the infographic design company that can help turn your vision into a reality. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time for a custom quote, or to discuss your ideas with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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