Imagine if Coca-Cola had indicated a few years ago that it is one of several cold drinks on the market and that the brand would be very glad if you choose it over the others. It would have been as lost and overlooked as the person who casually sneaks into the office party, sits at the corner table, talks to no one in particular, and then leaves!

Coca-Cola, a beverage company that has always faced stiff competition in the Indian market, chose to be aggressive instead. They chose to eliminate competition through differentiation. The ‘Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola’ campaign was chosen to target the rural Indian market. A popular actor (Aamir Khan), a rustic village environment (the target market), and a powerful lingo: it was the perfect ideation mix that lingered in people’s minds, not for days or months, but years! That is the power of good thinking, a creative idea is a fantastic marketing campaign, my buddy.

This campaign, without a doubt, went on to become one of the most successful in the history of the Indian beverage sector. It restored the brand’s position as the market leader, built strong brand loyalty, and, of course, assisted them in smoothly launching the smaller SKU into the market.

Why Is Ideation a Positive Thing?

With creatives, a creative concept works wonders. It adds significance and sentiment to the product’s selling points. The use of creative ideation effectively creates a relatable environment in the minds of the target audience.

It provides a creative hook for brand communication that becomes synonymous with the brand mind space. It establishes a strong point of differentiation within the product category. This is especially important in a crowded product area like real estate, where effective campaign communication is half the battle.

Things That Help to Define and Improve Creative Thinking
Creative ideation is sometimes seen as sporadic spurts of creative talent. However, it is a little-known reality that this seemingly random creative outburst is the end of a long and arduous process and strategies that must be followed to arrive at a creative that works best with the brief.

Amid creative chaos, there emerges a distinct pattern. Before arriving at the correct creative idea, every creative ideation process goes through several stages. These are broadly described as knowledge gathering or information, incubation or deriving insights, the concept experience or simply the destruct-reconstruction process, and finally, the implementation phase, also known as the idea’s execution phase.

Here are the four quick steps for the Ideation Process to remember:
The Conceptualization
All necessary knowledge and comprehension of the primary target audience, product (SWOT analysis), marketing objectives, market research, and competitive analysis.
Read up, research, and immerse oneself in the creative brief and facts until the Eureka moment, i.e., the creative epiphany occurs.
Developing an idea

For those who are new to creative ideation, there is a procedure in which you jot down the first 5 ideas that spring to mind and then cross them out. Following these initial concepts, you begin the genuine creative ideation process.

  • Application

The concept and the marketing goal should work in tandem to create the ideal communication for the target audience. It will be used in a variety of campaign collaterals that will be distributed across various media platforms.
Brainstorming is the tornado that builds the creative idea.

In any digital marketing agency, the phrase “brainstorming” is casually bandied around. However, when it comes to creative brainstorming, this term takes on an entirely new meaning.

Brainstorming is a type of group creativity in which everyone spontaneously lists their thoughts and then progresses from subconscious to a conscious level of creation.
This process must be mentioned separately because it is the final stage in developing appropriate communication.

Brainstorming is an important aspect of creative Ideation since it allows multiple viewpoints to enrich a certain concept. Several approaches can be utilized expressly for brainstorming. These aid in the rejection of non-functioning ideas to make room for genuine working ones.

Ideation and creative strategy: A match made in heaven or an agency?
Any real creative ideation can strike the mark with a solid and thoughtful creative strategy and creative insights – both of which are handled by client servicing professionals. Creative Ideation and Creative Strategy are born from these concepts and are frequently employed interchangeably, even though they are opposed.

The existing brand/product information, as well as a concise observation in terms of life insights, the need gap, qualitative, quantitative, and focus group research, are used to extract creative insight. A creative plan, on the other hand, is the strategy into which the insight should be shaped to generate a game-changing piece of communication.

A creative strategy can be broken down into three basic steps: research, creativity, and strategic planning. A creative strategy is a crucial component to consider when learning about creative ideation because it is the format, or channel, via which any creative concept is carried out.

To ensure the success of a marketing campaign, it is critical to include creative ideation and the aforementioned associated variables as essential components of a super successful brand/campaign.
Creative Ideation or Creative Communication is a vast subject in and of itself. Many intricate elements go into constructing the masterpiece of communication, in addition to the above-mentioned ideas and definite factors.

Personal observation, drawing inspiration from everyday life, drawing parallels between consumer experiences/human insights, and a natural trait of identifying the links and touchpoints within the milieu of the target audience are all examples of unquantifiable factors that can only be achieved through actual hands-on ideation work experience.

Each brief presents its own set of obstacles. And, without a doubt, every marketing obstacle or problem has a creative solution. It is a matter of nailing the correct ideation / creative communication for a given brand or marketing brief that makes all the difference.

When it comes to brainstorming ideas for your next marketing campaign, it is critical to evaluate and speak with the correct agency. Because that one amazing concept is the difference between brand awareness and consumer action for your brand or product.
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