Why You Should Promote Your Content

  • Think for a second about your marketing strategy. They promote your brand, can pay for ads, and are likely to spend time updating your business on listing sites, etc. These are all wonderful advertising habits.
  • They likely have one or two (or even three!) Social media profiles and likely share updates there as well. Why are you doing this? To be honest, it’s probably because you want to be a part of the buzz and build brand awareness.
  • But why is that important? Well, content promotion helps you work less. By that, we mean that you can use your existing content to target new audiences or use it for new channels without having to create new content every time.
5 ways to promote your content

The benefits of promoting your content are obvious. It helps you get your name out there in a win-win way. Increase your presence and people can share content with their friends.
By focusing on your existing content, you will find it much easier to cluster SEO and ultimately improve your authority on certain keywords. You can take your high-level content and break it down into more specific topics (which will reveal a ton of new content ideas for later). With that said, the first step is to promote the content that you have. Of course, you have a wide variety of options. Let’s talk about the content promotion options you should be using.

1.Social networks

There are some ways to share on social networks. You can share directly on your page or someone else’s page. You can also share with groups that you belong to. That means, technically, you have endless ways to share on social media. You can also use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your content to be shared at a later date.
Social Media is the easiest platform to immerse yourself in the conversation (related to your business and your niche) while reaching more people at the same time.
As mentioned above, your content can also be easily shared on social media. Most of the content that goes viral is posted on social media. Think of memes, videos, hashtags, etc. Your content can thrive here; you just have to share it.
Similarly, you can run a rewards program to get people to share. Something like an influencer marketing program or an affiliate program can further incentivize people to share your content with others.
 Social media promotion tips

  • Target specific people with mentions and tagging
  • Tweet by using a quote from the content
  • Cross-post, but change up the message for each platform
  • Tag relevant businesses/people when you can (primes sharing)
  • Add it to your content calendar to keep the promotion of past content going

2.Email Broadcast

You probably have a newsletter or at least some kind of email sending campaign. Or maybe even email receipts. Regardless of the type of email sent, you have the option to share your current content. Also, you may have seen some people share a recent guide or webinar in their email signature.

Why is this so? Well, simply put, people read your email. Especially those like confirmation emails and receipts. And if you communicate regularly via email, they will see your email signature as well.
The thing about promoting content in emails is that it doesn’t show as much. People may be intrigued enough to click on it, and at least they know it exists.
Ideas for sharing your content by email:

  • Newsletters
  • Drip campaigns
  • Email signatures
  • Confirmation / thank you emails
  • Product update


3.On your blog

Your content should be somewhere, and your blog is probably the best place for it. Your blog acts as your content hub. Articles, white pages, e-books, newsletter subscriptions, etc. can live here. Also note that you can share other updates on your blog, such as B. New services or products coming to market.

The trick is to make your blog as relevant as possible. That means you can update your articles or post regularly to help with this.
Nobody wants to land on a blog and see the last posting date that was six months or more ago. Keeping your content up-to-date can be enough to get people streaming it.
You will see that many of the major blogs recycle and update their content to include new statistics because they want it to stay in the rankings. Part of this is simply updating and changing the date as you make changes. This can help ensure that your old content continues to rank and becomes immortal.
After all, it’s your timeless content that makes money. These timeless pieces are the ones that can be shared and generate traffic.
Another great way to promote content is to write a summary. Those you can contribute to will likely share and even link to your content in the future (which is a great way to build your backlinks and promote your content!).
Suggestions for promoting your blog:

  • Updating of outdated information
  • Asking people to subscribe
  • Promoting the content of guest posts
  • Writing a summary

4.Have a reward or referral program

Incentives for people to share are likely to lead people to share. You can rotate it in several different ways to promote your content and get people to share it.
For example, you can host a webinar and ask attendees to refer you to a friend as well. This could result in both of you getting a free ebook or even a discount.
You can simply ask people to refer others to subscribe to your newsletter. You don’t even have to offer anything. In most cases, a subscriber would see the benefit of referring a colleague to your newsletter if he thinks it is interesting and educational enough. You just have to ask.
By implementing some type of rewards program or referral marketing program, you can get people to share your content. By promoting content in this way, you can reach a group of people who could become your best customers.
To promote your content with referrals:

  • Ask people to refer friends to your blog
  • Ask people to share your content with others
  • Provide an incentive to share

5.Online communities

Other than social media Platforms They are hosted by various online communities out there. You can use this to your advantage and advertise your content there as well.
For example, sites like Quora, Growth hackers, and Reddit offer you another way to share. You can even republish content to sites like Medium, where you can essentially have a second blog for your content.
Neubrain helps to promote your content and widespread you ideas to the targeted audience.

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