Promote your brand image and build your reputation


  • Promote your brand image and build your reputation

Generally, it is good news when a user searches for your brand. At the very least, it means they’re curious about your business. But that doesn’t always mean they are so familiar with your brand and offering. At this point, your brand search strategy takes care of promoting your brand image.
The first thing you can do to promote your brand image is to dominate your brand’s SERP. As mentioned above, a focused paid and organic search strategy gives you an edge over the competition when it comes to showing up in brand searches. This strategy projects relevance and competition for a user who needs to know that their business is legitimate. It also prevents competitors from ranking your brand terms using comparison sites. Second, you can offer rich content to users, including videos, images, product listings, local business listings, maps, featured snippets, and more. Search results pages have changed significantly as Google only returned text links. The current SERP landscape encourages businesses to optimize content for inclusion in these Google features. This environment gives organizations the ability to engage users on multiple levels, increasing the likelihood of making a meaningful connection to the user’s condition.

  • The Right Message at The Right Time

A brand search is first and foremost an opportunity for your company to connect with a highly motivated consumer. This opportunity mustn’t be wasted with bad news. This important message starts before the user clicks on your site. It starts at the top of the SERP with your paid ad copy and your ad extensions.
Google Ads offers a variety of features that give advertisers a better way to address consumer intent directly. A paid text ad includes a title, description, and display URL that can be customized to promote your desired brand message. But this is only the beginning. From there, you can customize your ads to target users based on keyword, device, location, date, time of day, or day of the week. This allows you to serve hundreds of variations of a single text ad based on available user data and performance from previous campaigns.
Another important aspect of branding in paid campaigns is the ability to stay agile in short-term promotions, sales, or discounts that are not easy to handle in organic results.

 ad extensions are another Google Ads feature that will tip the bill in your favor. Ad extensions show users more business information in paid ads. Google automatically activates the most popular ad extensions. All of these extensions are designed to increase click-through rates and will only be completed when Google thinks they will improve your ad performance. These include:

  • Sitelinks – Additional links listed below a text ad that provide users with more direct routes to information or products while increasing SERP resources for the advertiser
  • Dynamic calls – Additional information that often supports the arguments of advertiser’s sale, z. B. Product Quality, Reliability, or Experience
  • Call Extensions – Add a business phone number to a text ad. Users can tap or click the button to call your business directly
  • Structured Snippets – Additional information about your business based on your website, including product and service offerings
  • Location – Encourage users to visit your business using the use of your business address, the location of your card or. Shows distance to your business
  • Seller Ratings – Shows a star rating based on aggregated data from trusted review sources
    Manual ad extensions offer more ways to personalize messages:
  • Price – A set of 8 cards listed below of a text ad and show the price of specific products or services
  • Advertising – Highlights sales and promotions for users looking for the best deals on your brand
    Brand searches are golden opportunities for your business to generate income, but only if it presents a meaningful and relevant message to the business consumer. With custom ad text and ad extensions, you can deliver the most accurate information and emotional appeal when the time is right.



Brand searches are often conducted by motivated consumers and those who have at least some knowledge of what their brand stands for, but that does not mean that a prospect or sale is a foregone conclusion. Brands must plan and execute a brand search strategy that turns an interesting search engine into a loyal customer. This is not the time to take your foot off the gas. Instead, it’s time to move forward with a combination of tech tweaks, paid ads, and ad extensions that leave the user in no doubt about the quality and legitimacy of your brand, service, product, or culture.

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