A study found that “websites with a stronger emotional impact generated a higher purchase intention.”

Addressing your audience’s emotions creates a connection. Whether you’re designing product descriptions or landing pages, your team should aim to inculcate emotion in your messages.

Learn how powerful emotional messages can be used to convert more leads on this blog.

There are two main methods of doing this.
  1. Psychological triggers
    Emotions determine our daily decision-making. We buy when we are sad. We buy when we are happy.
    Most brands, however, miss out on creating an emotional bond with shoppers. They focus on the features of the product rather than understanding the feelings behind the purchase.
    Prepare your SaaS product to develop digital marketing campaigns based on psychological triggers. For example, happiness leads people to share.
  2. Unforgettable experiences
    Memories are precious moments in our lives.
    We remember graduating from high school, breaking up with our first romantic partner, or even the embarrassing moment when we failed a presentation.
    These experiences make us think about how we feel at that moment.
    To harness the power of unforgettable experiences, combine your brand’s shopping experience with events in your customers’ lives.
    Emotional targeting makes consumers feel unconsciously connected to your brand. You are bound to read more, click on their offer, and even buy their services.
    To build any type of relationship that allows you to ask for something in the future, you must always be the one to offer the value upfront.
    You may not always get what you ask for, but at the end of the day, the worst-case scenario is that your actions have had a positive impact on someone and, as a person, simply make you feel good. “
  3. Visual Storytelling
    According to a study, 81% of companies used video as a marketing tool in 2019, up from 63% last year. That is huge growth.
    Good optics stimulate people’s senses. It can create fear, compassion, or show friendship. Font styles make a difference too. People find a clear and legible font trustworthy.
    But you can’t just put an image on your website or Instagram account.
    From screenshots to actual photos, think about how you can convey emotions to your audience. Do you need a wide-angle shot? Will a big red arrow be more effective for the viewer?
    Also, pay attention to the variety of your images. Cultural changes occur in our society.
    Not everyone will agree with the inclusion of your company. But don’t let this stop you from stopping the progress of your e-commerce store.
  4. Social Proof
    We are people. We want to belong.
    Social proof in marketing activates the longing to belong to a certain group of people or something meaningful.
    For many, a testimony or proven example is the emotional trigger that a person needs to say yes to buy their products and use their services”.
    Old Navy appeals to buyers’ sense of belonging. They focus on offering fashionable clothing at affordable prices.
    For social proof to work well, your brand must truly understand the motivations and intentions of your consumers.
    For example, expert social proof can emotionally prompt your consumers to act. It occurs when a well-known blogger or industry influencer publicly endorses a product. These notes look like a simple quote or video testimonial.
    Find out what’s bothering your consumers. Identify experts who will engage your audience and align with your brand values. Give people the social proof they need to buy your products.

Target Emotions

Strive to create an emotional connection with your shoppers. This makes customers feel connected to your brand and buy more.

Strategy for adding psychological triggers. End transactional relationships for unforgettable experiences. And invest in visual storytelling to better express your brand.

Understand people’s emotions to convert more leads.

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