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Salesforce Marketing Cloud can let your company market to, sell to, and engage with customers anywhere, at any time. From data consolidation and email automation to social listening and inbound marketing, the solution provides sophisticated capabilities, tools, and technologies. By following this best practices and pointers guide, your marketing team will be able to properly utilize these functionalities.

  • By optimizing Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation, your marketing team can:
  • Get a consolidated view of your customers across all marketing channels.
  • Create interconnected, seamless consumer journeys at all touchpoints.
  • Make the most of your brand’s online presence.
  • Inbound marketing tactics must be drastically altered.

Let’s get started.

  1. Optimize Customer Journeys From Start to Finish

Consider having a consolidated view of all interactions a customer has had with your brand. This is exactly what you get with Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder feature.

The Journey Builder tool allows you to see client interactions across all of your marketing channels — email, mobile, social media, ads, and more – and integrate them to give a cohesive customer experience.

The customer journey, which is a set of phases your consumer goes through during their encounter with your brand on any given channel, is at the heart of Journey Builder. Interactions can include the following:

  • Examining An Email
  • Purchasing A Product
  • Returning A Product In A Store
  • On The Phone With A Customer Service Representative
  • Obtaining A Whitepaper
  • Use A Coupon

Journey Builder is a campaign planning tool for marketers that allows them to develop and automate campaigns. Marketers can transfer their whiteboard campaign planning and customer journey maps to the Journey Builder tool and models them on the tool’s drag-and-drop interface to listen, connect, and automate the customer journey across all contact points.

It all starts on the whiteboard with a route map.

Learn how to transition your customer journeys from the whiteboard to Journey Builder in this video.

Journey Builder works with the content and audiences you build in Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Content Builder, and Contact Builder. The application aids in the development and management of a variety of responsive and automated programs, such as welcome, promotional, re-engagement, and customer retention campaigns.

From a unified workspace, the Journey Builder tool allows you to construct and track many types of customer journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Among these journey types are:

Single Send Journeys: Marketers can automate the delivery of a single batch message to a certain audience. Single Send trips allow you to design and manage one-touch client journeys within the workspace.

Multi-step journeys: Marketers can automate a sequence of responsive, customized customer encounters. These journeys may involve several channels as well as customized journey pathways based on consumer interactions or traits.

Transactional journeys: Marketers can send personalized messages in response to a customer’s unique action. Transactional journeys allow you to generate and manage transactional API messages in the same workspace where you handle Single Send and Multi-Step journeys.

With Salesforce integration, you can deploy tailored messages at the proper moment while also monitoring message engagement metrics all from within Journey Builder.

How to Make the Most of Journey Builder

Maintain unique journeys that are focused on a specific marketing purpose, such as welcoming new consumers or thanking volunteers for signing up.

Before you begin creating the route in Path Builder, sketch out your journey and arrange your data and content requirements.

Begin small and grow from there, such as expanding from a single triggered email or message into a brief series. Before you add complexity, use the simple trip to test your approach and collect baseline metrics.

It is not only the duration of the journey or the time between activities that are important but also how each activity is timed. Set your data updates and automation to avoid activity conflicts.

Utilize templates, which are pre-defined journeys designed by Salesforce or other users. You can use them as-is or modify them to fit your needs.

Use the Pause and Resume tools to temporarily pause message delivery for business reasons or to change content contained in a journey.

  1. Boost Email Marketing with Automation

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to capture customer attention. However, to get the most out of your email campaigns, you must employ the proper methods. This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes into play. With features such as data-driven campaign management, marketing automation tools, content management, and native predictive intelligence, Email Studio, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s email marketing platform, allows you to create highly effective email campaigns.

Email Studio provides simple drag-and-drop tools to fuel your campaigns. To increase consumer engagement, you can also link online and offline data and produce personalized email communications.

Here’s how marketers can benefit from data-driven marketing tactics by implementing these solutions:

CDP: Use unified customer data to deliver personalized consumer experiences.

CDP is a solution that assists marketers in providing personalized and contextual experiences across all touchpoints by capturing, unifying, segmenting, and activating all customer data.

Marketers benefit from the solution because:

Unify customer data across numerous teams, devices, and systems, such as CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, email databases, and so on. Marketers can construct a single, consistent customer ID in this manner.

Gather first-, second, and third-analyze data to develop and analyze audience segments.

  • Use safe provisioning techniques and dashboards for opt-outs and consent flags to ensure customer consent and compliance. Also, guarantee that new legal standards such as the CCPA and GDPR are automatically followed.
  • To optimize live campaigns, glean customer insights from several channels — marketing, commerce, sales, and service interactions.
  • With personalized content, advertise to the right groups and personalities across social networks, online ads, and beyond.

To make the most of CDP, here’s a simple checklist to go over before implementing it:

  • Determine which project stakeholders are involved in data decisions. Determine who, if anyone, will be affected by its implementation, such as marketing specialists, IT specialists, and so on. Unifying all customer data and interactions across your company’s ecosystem, as well as recognizing all CDP use cases, necessitates top-down support.
  • Determine which systems and data sources must be integrated for CDP to assist you in creating marketing segments for planned campaigns. Determine who owns these systems and include them on the list of stakeholders.
  • Identify the users and the administrator for CDP to issue the necessary rights.
  • All business requirements and use cases should be documented. Business requirements established by stakeholders and administrators can help ensure a successful CDP implementation.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud transforms digital-first client connections and experiences. This platform, which is part of the Salesforce Customer 360 suite, provides significant functionality for audience segmentation, real-time interaction across channels, data-driven content personalization, and marketing-sales alignment.

All of this is enabled and enhanced by Neubrain Solution, which integrates Marketing Cloud’s digital marketing capabilities with Salesforce’s data management, segmentation, and campaign management tools.

At Neubrain, we aim to provide the best solution to help your company as well as your product flourish and have a boom in the future!

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