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Solve the one problem your product inventory management (PIM) software can't — measuring your catalog's ROI — with ecommerce PIM services from NeuBrain. Learn more about syncing, tracking, and measuring your products' online ROI now!

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Make measuring your ROI fast, easy, and accurate with ecommerce PIM

With PIM software, it’s easier than ever to sell across platforms and countries. Measuring and tracking your product catalog’s return on investment (ROI), however, is a different story.

Until now. With ecommerce PIM, your business can:

  • Measure your ROI across channels, from paid to search to social
  • Sync your product performance between 5+ platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, and Magento
  • Track your product catalog’s channel and overall performance
  • Get accurate (and fast) ROI measurements in real-time
  • Make data-driven decisions about your product marketing strategy
  • And more

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All your platforms. All your channels. Tracked in one place.

You love your PIM software because it unifies your product data and makes product management fast, convenient, and easy. Our ecommerce PIM solution does the same — but for measuring return on investment (ROI) by product and channel.

The best part? You can sync your data from platforms like:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • And more

Plus, it’s easy to measure your product catalog’s performance across channels like:

  • Search
  • Social
  • Email
  • Paid
  • And more

Our solution also integrates with some of the best PIM applications, including:

  • Akeneo
  • Syndigo
  • Salsify

Don’t see your ecommerce platform or software mentioned? Contact us online for more information!

Why add ecommerce PIM to your PIM solution?

Supporting your PIM solution with ecommerce PIM offers your business several benefits, including:

Determine your top channels (and platforms) for driving revenue

When you can measure a product’s ROI, you can discover your top channels and platforms for generating sales. For instance, with our ecommerce PIM solution, you can determine which products sell best on Amazon or which products sell best on social media.

Instead of spending hours in analytics programs calculating your ROI, you can spend minutes reviewing your ROI data. With less time analyzing and more time acting, you can respond faster than competitors to generate more sales for your business.

Inform your product marketing strategies with data

Guessing isn’t enough in digital marketing.

If your business wants to outmaneuver the competition and increase market share, you need to power your product marketing strategies with data. When you understand which channels and platforms work best for generating sales, you can make strategic, data-driven decisions about your marketing plan.

Instead of investing in social media ads just because everyone else is, for example, you can look at your ecommerce PIM reporting to determine if social media advertising is suitable for your brand and your products. Based on what you find, you can increase your ad spend or re-invest it elsewhere.

You don’t follow the pack with ecommerce PIM — you pave your own path, and you pave it with data.

Streamline your ROI tracking and measuring

Ecommerce PIM also allows your business to streamline its process for tracking and measuring ROI.

You don’t have to reference multiple analytics programs or reports. Instead, you can use our ecommerce PIM platform to measure, track, and sync your return on investment data in real-time and in one place.

This function works similarly to your PIM solution.

While your PIM solution provides you with one place to manage your product catalog, our ecommerce PIM solution provides you with one place to manage your ROI data. That means less time between tools and more time making strategic decisions about your business and its marketing strategy.

Increase your product catalog’s ROI

When you know which channels, platforms, and products generate the most revenue for your business, you have the power to make decisions that accelerate your company’s revenue.

For example, you can use your ecommerce PIM data to determine:

  • Which channels to invest your marketing budget in
  • Which platforms to sell your products on
  • Which products to prioritize for promotion
  • Which marketing strategies to use for your products
  • And more

These decisions directly impact your business’s bottom line. With the billions of data points from our ecommerce PIM, however, you can lower the risk of these decisions because you’re informing your decisions with first-hand data.

Start driving more revenue with ecommerce PIM

Your PIM software helps your business manage its product inventory. Now, you can maximize its impact with ecommerce PIM solutions, which make syncing, tracking, and measuring your product catalog’s ROI fast, easy, and accurate.

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