Early Traction refers to its first wave of users. These early adopters are crucial. The reason is that even though they haven’t heard from you, they give you some of their precious time. That means they saw value in your product; a solution to your problem. In addition, these people are probably your first ambassadors who bring their friends to test your product or service. 

To get early traction, we have listed down 5 tips to enhance your way of attracting the early bird sale and get the maximum benefit out of it


1.Have a clearly defined goal 

Having a particular goal defined would help you achieve it more efficiently and in a better way. After having a clear and unique goal, we could break things down into small, achievable micro-goals, such as: 

  • How many clients per week do we need? 
  • How many emails needs to be sent?
  • How many meetings do we have to hold? 
  • If we add a function x, how many more customers could we generate? 
  • Use your pre-launch list 

The first thing you need to get your momentum going is to use the list you made in the months leading up to your launch (called the pre-launch phase). 

There are several great things you can do with a list of people who are already interested in your product or service. 

  • Do things that don’t scale 

In the early days, your focus should be on getting the first people to use your product or the first customers to pay you. Things do not usually start by themselves. As a company you need to things that don’t scale for a fruitful and desirable future.

At this point, you should also consider whether your dream is to become a unicorn or eternal company. 

This is extremely hard work when you are not around. If you haven’t given your efforts in the pre-launch period then you would have to wait for your desirable results and hence don’t scale your products.

This idea goes beyond the normal scope of user acquisition, but it is not scalable. It requires hard work, planning, and good execution. 

  • Create a great product 

Having a great product or thinking about how you will present it to the world can have a huge impact on your growth. 

Take something simple like this redesign of Nest’s outdated home thermostat. They turned a great industry upside down by turning a once boring thing into something beautiful and desirable. Apple does the same even if its hardware is inferior to its competitors. The reality is, the better your product, the better you can drive all your business functions toward growth. Sales and marketing, long-term vision and product design. 

If your product falls into the not-so-great product category, you end up overdoing the marketing to make up for the fact that your product isn’t that great, which is possible, it’s just a lot more difficult. 

Another fantastic example of this is Tesla. Their cars are insanely better than anything on the market in almost every way, to the point where the product sells just for being so desirable. 

  • Find good partners 

Building integrations between your product and others in the marketplace is a great way to add value to your customers. 

For example, the integration with Mailchimp allowed us to do a few things in the early days. 

  • We could make ourselves known in the Mailchimp Affiliate Directory 
  • You have helped us provide social evidence that we are integrating with the best streaming services 
  • We could direct marketing to Mailchimp customers 

You can also consider the opposite if you have created your API in which you encourage other partners to create and extend their platform. 

Above is probably one of our favorite examples that need to be inculcated to catch the attention of the customers and gain profits.

Getting traction is easy for some but difficult for most. Attracting the first users, customers and comments are essential to further develop your product. We at Neubrain provide the boost needed to acquire beta users and get you started with your business so that you rest assured that you would have a record-breaking sale in the beginning.

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