Make Smarter Investments With Digital Due Diligence

Your next acquisition doesn't have to be a gamble. With digital due diligence services, your firm can get insight into a website's digital marketing status to make better offers and smarter investments that generate higher returns.

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Make the right offer (and minimize your risk) with digital due diligence services


Digital marketing is one of the best ways for a business to grow its brand, expand its market share, and increase its profitability. That’s why digital due diligence is critical.

With our digital due diligence plans, your firm can:

  • Make your offer competitive 
  • Minimize your investment risk
  • Plan your post-acquisition steps
  • Increase your return on investment
  • And more

Looking to get started with vetting your next purchase? Then, contact us online (or call us at 888-256-9448) to speak with an experienced strategist who will create a custom proposal for your firm!

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Get the best of both worlds with a data-backed, experience-driven assessment

Digital due diligence plan deliverables

You don’t make purchase decisions based on experience or data — you use both to inform your choices.

WebFX takes the same approach with our digital marketing due diligence services.

Instead of relying on data or experience, our due diligence plans combine the two to create data-backed, experience-driven assessments that uncover blind spots and provide your firm 360° insight into your next acquisition.

As your partner, we’ll give your team access to:

  • A dedicated account manager, plus more than 300 marketing, development, and data specialists
  • IBM Watson, one of the most advanced artificial intelligence systems
  • Google AI, one of the leading machine learning and artificial intelligence systems

Together, these three assets will analyze and assess your next purchase’s digital marketing strategy. Then, your dedicated account manager will create an easy-to-read report that you and other members of your firm can review to understand a potential purchase’s risks from a digital marketing perspective.

Based on your report, you can:

  • Change your bid or offer
  • Update your risk assessment
  • Adapt your post-purchase steps

Besides relying on WebFX to assess an acquisition’s risks, you can also depend on us for digital marketing.

For example, if your firm proceeds with a purchase, you can begin resolving the organization’s digital marketing risks with our team. As a full-service agency, we offer everything your firm needs to start generating ROI, from web design to search engine optimization (SEO).

3 reasons digital due diligence services are a smart investment

Digital due diligence benefits

Why do other private equity and venture capital firms invest in digital due diligence? A few reasons:

1. Lower your investment risk

Without due diligence for digital marketing, your firm is left with a blind spot. You only know part of a business’s value, as well as its strengths and risks. However, investing in digital marketing due diligence services uncovers a brand’s growth potential, strengths, risks, and position in the online world.

When you have that information, you can make a smarter decision about proceeding or leaving negotiations. Your knowledge can save your firm from significant risk and guide it to acquisitions that drive unmatched returns.

2. Make your offer cost-effective

Your offer directly influences your return on investment, which is why it’s critical to build a realistic yet competitive offer. With digital due diligence services, your firm gets valuable insight into a brand and its digital marketing strategy.

That insight will help your organization create a competitive offer, as well as build a post-purchase plan. You’ll know what investments a brand’s digital marketing strategy will need to achieve your firm’s vision, which puts you a step above the competition.

3. Enhance your purchase profile

With a complete profile of a potential purchase, your firm can make informed decisions about:

  • Whether to proceed with a purchase
  • How much to offer
  • When to expect a profit
  • Where to focus digital marketing efforts
  • And more

Bigger and better purchase profiles allow your firm to again, make better bids and bigger ROIs.

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Prepare your next offer by requesting your proposal

Your next acquisition is waiting, and if you want to uncover another big win for your firm, you want to invest in digital marketing due diligence. With our services, advanced technology, and experienced team, your organization can make smarter investments that generate impressive returns.

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