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Put your data to work with channel attribution and forecasting services. Get actionable insights that make predicting sales and determining top marketing channels from billions of data points easy. Start improving your forecasting accuracy and marketing ROI now!

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Predict sales, prove marketing impact, and power your brand's growth.


Your data is invaluable, but making sense of billions of data points isn’t fast or easy — until now. With WebFx, you can make sense of the data points from your marketing and sales efforts and create a data-driven strategy for growth.

Get answers to questions like:

  • Which channels deliver the best return on investment?
  • What content generates the most leads or sales?
  • Which campaigns attract the most qualified leads?
  • And more

Unlock the insights behind your data and empower your business to make strategic, data-driven decisions by contacting us online (or giving us a ring at 888-256-9448) to learn more!

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Unlock billions of data points with channel attribution and forecasting services

Channel attribution and forecasting service deliverables

Get a full-service solution with channel attribution and forecasting services that include:

  • Cross-channel attribution
  • Marketing-mix modeling
  • Causal impact analysis
  • Forecasting, including for lead generation and sales

With a dashboard custom-built for your business and goals, you can see critical information, like:

  • Your marketing spend and your marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Your revenue and pipeline attribution
  • Your buyer journey, including your funnel velocity

Channel attribution and forecasting dashboard

All this information allows you to make informed and data-driven decisions about your company’s marketing plan. The result? A stronger, more effective marketing strategy that drives better results and a bigger ROI.

3 reasons brands choose WebFX for channel attribution and forecasting

WebFX channel attribution and forecasting services benefits

When it comes to channel attribution and forecasting, brands choose WebFX for a few reasons:

1. Get an experienced (and dedicated) team on your side

When you have a dedicated team tha includes all the skill sets you need, from website analytics to marketing to development, it’s easy to act on your data. You don’t have to worry about hiring a freelancer or asking for help from another department.

Instead, you can view your forecasting and attribution reports and take action. Even if you have questions, you have a dedicated point-of-contact to ask from beginning to end, which allows you to respond even faster to your results.

2. Sync marketing data in real-time with one of the most advanced marketing tech platforms

Monitoring attribution in real-time is easy with MarketingCloudFX. This marketing tech platform, which is proprietary and exclusive to WebFX clients, allows your business to see which channels, campaigns, and content contributed to a lead form, phone call, or sale.

Even better, MarketingCloudFX calculates your return on investment for you in real-time.

You can also keep everyone, from marketing to sales, in the loop since MarketingCloudFX integrates with some of the top customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tools, from Salesforce to Marketo.

3. Access channel-specific marketing specialists, like for social media and SEO

With channel attribution, you can make surprising discoveries about which channels, campaigns, and content drive the best ROI. That’s why WebFX features more than 300 marketing specialists, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) specialists to social media specialists.

No matter the channel, our team’s expertise runs deep and includes:

Take advantage of our team’s expertise and hone your top-performing marketing strategies to drive even more leads, sales, and revenue. You can even experiment with new tactics and measure their impact on your bottom line.

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Get more value from your data with channel attribution and forecasting services from WebFX. With more than 25 years of experience and more than 300 experienced professionals, you can trust WebFX to analyze your data and provide actionable insights so you can achieve even better results.

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