Best Platforms for B2B Remarketing


Best Platforms for B2B Remarketing

Best Platforms for B2B Remarketing | Neubrain | B2B

There are several marketing platforms in the digital space that you can use for your remarketing campaigns. However, the best remarketing platforms are completely dependent on your target audience, your product, and the services you offer.

Remember that with remarketing, you can only re-target your ads to users of a platform if they are actively using it.

These are some of the most popular advertising platforms that offer remarketing campaigns:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. LinkedIn
4. Google Display Ads
5. Quora Ads
6. Bing Ads
7. Email Marketing (Trigger Based)


Are you ready to use remarketing campaigns to generate high-quality B2B leads for your business?

  1. Reorienting visitors to the products / services page
    When someone visits the products or services pages of your website, it is highly likely that the visitors are interested in your company’s product / service.
    You can target such visitors through channels with related case studies, e-books, or testimonials to gain their trust and bring them back to your website for lead generation.
  2. Retargeting non-converting landing page visitors
    You are building a landing page to convert a highly targeted audience to leads or customers. But the truth is that not everyone who accesses your website takes the necessary steps on their first visit.
    Well, this is where you can use the remarketing tactic to target non-converting leads on social media and bring them back to the page for conversion.
    Still, you may lose some of the visitors who are interested in your offer but didn’t like it, or for whatever reason. To convert such leads, you can retarget them with other free lead magnets.
  3. Retargeting companies that visit your website
    You can target key decision makers in the company that visited your website with a personalized offer based on the ideal customer profile and buyer personality.
    And there is no better platform for this strategy than LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads allows you to target users based on the company they work for and the job title.
  4. Retarget blog visitors with topical lead magnets
    Do you get a lot of traffic to your blog pages? If so, you have an opportunity to convert those visitors into leads and customers – just retarget them with related lead magnets.
    Let`s say that you run a web development agency, and you`re getting traffic on WordPress related blog posts. You can create in depth and unique guides that show that your agency is an expert at WordPress development.
    This way, you can win the confidence of the potential customers and get them into your sales pipeline.
  5. Leverage onsite retargeting
    If you`re showing the same lead magnet to every visitor landing on your site, you might be turning many potential customers off because not every visitor would be interested in the same offering.
    That`s where you can use onsite retargeting to provide a personalized experience by offering relevant lead magnets based on their interaction on your site, traffic source, page visits, time spent, geographic location, and other attributes.
    Popups and bars are the best ways to use onsite targeting. Here are few lead magnet ideas you can offer –
    1. Topic Lead Magnet
    2. Query Reservation
    3. Product Demo
    4. Case Studies
    With on-site retargeting, you can also target returning visitors based on their past interactions on your site and through others marketing channels. So be sure to target your bids towards your B2B marketing funnel.
  6. Remarketing your old social media contacts
    Retargeting can be a very effective way to reactivate your old, unresponsive contacts.
    During the B2B sales cycle, multiple contacts may not be interested in your product / service at this time for any reason. But that doesn’t mean they will never need your service.
    And this is where you can use retargeting campaigns to keep those contacts up to date with the latest product updates, case studies, testimonials, and anything else that will trigger a recall. Therefore, your business remains in sight with every purchase decision.
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