Patient Intake Software enables efficient and proactive collection of patient data prior to a doctor’s appointment. Patient intake software minimizes patient registration time, reduces errors due to handwritten data, protects patient privacy, and simplifies integration of patient data into the EHR. Both established and new medical staff and patients benefit from the software; With patient admission software, process bottlenecks are alleviated, satisfaction increases, workload reduced, and productivity increased.

To match customer’s intake category a product must:

  • Offer a digital or electronic method of completing patient forms before appointments
  • Ensure security, encryption, and compliance with industry requirements
  • Integration with EHR and other patient health information databases
Top 5 Patient Intake Software
  1. Revenue Well
    Revenue well is a dental marketing and communication platform that provides busy dental offices with the smart, easy-to-use tools they need to attract new patients, optimize communication, and increase output from existing patients.
    With this app scientists are much focused onto their work and spend less time on the phone so that they can deliver the best experience and improvise patient’s beliefs.
  2. Solution Reach
    SR Health makes communication more accessible and convenient. By allowing providers to stay connected with patients throughout the course of treatment, healthcare organizations can optimize their health and financial outcomes while creating a better patient experience.
    Solution Reach is a leader in solutions and innovations for patient engagement.
    As the first company to send an SMS in the healthcare sector, the company now serves more than 25,000 customers and facilitates for clinics, hospitals, and healthcare systems, as well as community healthcare centers.
  3. Luma Health
    This app helps in building a relationship with the patient and create a healthy ecosystem with deeper patient understanding, it has helped during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It also retains lifetime value for hospitals and clinics.
  4. Phreesis
    Phreesia provides the digital tools that help healthcare organizations thrive in a changing landscape and deliver the modern, comfortable experience patients have come to expect.
    It’s innovative SaaS platform engages patients in their care and enables our clients to improve clinical care and increase efficiency.
    They have been recognized as the best KLAS for patient admissions management in 2021, making us the leading provider of patient admissions management for three years in a row.
  5. Mend
    Mend is a telehealth platform for modern practice. With a platform that offers both free and scalable commercial solutions, practices of all sizes can use Mend to create a successful telemedicine program.

Connect with your patients anytime, anywhere, and on any device using messages, videos, and forms. Full HIPAA compliance means you can communicate with patients or third parties with confidence that the data is secure.

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