Account-Based Marketing Services

NeuBrain offers industry-leading Account-Based Marketing Services (ABM) that help your business secure high-value accounts in your market. With our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, we offer competitive and customized strategies that can change your business for the better, allowing you to expand your company, hire new team members, and more.

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For business-to-business (B2B) companies, our Account-Based Marketing Services offer unprecedented advantages. With our industry-leading technology, plus our award-winning team of specialists, we create custom strategies that drive real results.

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Our client recommendation score, which is 488 percent higher than the industry average, demonstrates our client-first approach. Meanwhile, our client retention rate of 91 percent emphasizes how we achieve the goals of our clients.

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NeuBrain Account-Based Marketing Services

FeaturesAccount-Based Marketing | Neubrain | Account-Based Marketing ServicesBasic
Current Clients Only
Account-Based Marketing | Neubrain | Account-Based Marketing ServicesAggressive
Current Clients Only
Account-Based Marketing | Neubrain | Account-Based Marketing ServicesMarket Leader
Current Clients Only
Initial Campaign Development and Strategy
Company Size, Industry, Job Title, Job Function, etc
Targeting of Existing Contact Lists (emails and phone numbers)
CompanyTracker Site Visit Targeting
Wish-List Account Targeting
Site Visit LinkedIn Retargeting
Google Ads
Retargeting of LinkedIn Company Visits (starts in month 3)
Google Ads
Similar audience target development for those visiting your site through account-based targeting strategies
Google Ads
Custom in-market segments developed for target industries
Google Ads
Competitor Interest-Based Display Targeting
Bing Audience Targeting
Professional User Profile Targeting
Lead Nuturing Strategy for Account-Based Marketing Leads
Creative Development for Ads and Long-Term SEO Account Targeting
Initial LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads (up to 4)
Additional LinkedIn Ads
Additional One-Time CreativeAdditional One-Time CreativeAdditional One-Time Creative
LinkedIn Lead Form Ad Included
Initial Display Ad Development for Google Audience Targeting
Additional Display Ad Development (up to 4)
(created every 6 months)
Google Analytics & MarketingCloud Integration & Goal Tracking
MarketingCloud (MC) Software Installation, Access, and Training
MarketingCloud Competitor Intelligence Monitoring
MarketingCloud Lead Tracking (Calls and Forms)
MarketingCloud CompanyTracker Visit Reporting
Results analysis/reporting with Google Analytics and MC for ROI
Ongoing Industry Analysis and Monthly Strategy Development
Ad Campaign Copywriting and Strategy Development
Single Account Representative
Personal Consultation Per Month
1 ConsultationUp to 2 ConsultationsUp to 4 Consultations
Up to 100 web lead phone calls tracked per month (Included for all NeuBrain clients)
*Additional call tracking over 100 calls
Custom QuoteCustom QuoteCustom Quote
Up to 25 web lead phone calls transcribed per month
Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
Monthly performance & analysis reporting
300+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Initial ABM Campaign Investment (1-Month Duration)
$2,500$2,800+ 12% of ad spend
Ad Network Monthly Spend
$850 – $2,500$2,501 – $5,000$5,001+
Progressive Monthly Management Cost
(6-Month Commitment, Subsequent 5 Months)
$525$650$225/mo. + 12% of ad spend
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What is account-based marketing?

Account Based Marketing Services

ABM Account-Based Marketing is a marketing strategy in which you target a set of highly qualified, high-value accounts with campaigns personalized to each account’s needs and preferences. This approach makes your marketing and sales processes more efficient, and the tailored customer experiences increase satisfaction and loyalty.

The benefits of ABM services

Why should you consider Account-Based Marketing Services ? Here are some of the top benefits.

Increased efficiency

With ABM, you focus on only the accounts with the most potential value, cutting out other less-qualified prospects. Because you’re targeting only the highest-value accounts, you can achieve more with less. The result is fewer wasted resources and a simplified marketing and sales process.

Reduced risk

Devoting your resources to only the most qualified leads also reduces your risk. Since you know these accounts are highly qualified, there’s a higher chance you’ll get a sale. Because the accounts are high value, the reward is also higher.

Marketing and sales alignment

ABM requires your marketing and sales team to work together to provide a personalized experience for each account. This alignment creates a more consistent experience for the buyer and makes your processes even more efficient.

Easier campaign monitoring and results analysis

Tracking your campaigns and analyzing your results is easier with ABM since you have fewer accounts and a clearly defined plan for each account. This simplicity makes it easier to analyze your campaign’s effectiveness.

Increased sales and customer satisfaction

Along with the fact that the leads you’re targeting are highly qualified, the personalization that ABM provides can increase sales and customer satisfaction. According to a survey by ITSMA and the ABM Leadership Alliance, 87% of B2B marketers say that ABM improves return on investment (ROI), and 74% say it has improved their relationships.

Features of NeuBrain ABM marketing services

When you partner with NeuBrain for account-based marketing, you receive the complete package. With our account-based marketing services, we take care of everything. From researching your target account to developing your strategy, we provide a turn-key solution to securing your next client. Get an in-depth look at our service deliverables:

Account profiling

Every business is different when it comes to why they invest in working with an account-based marketing company. For example, you may want to target a specific account, like a current client. Or, you’re looking to use account-based marketing to improve your company’s acquisition strategy and client value. No matter why you’re investing, our account-based marketing services include account profiling. With account profiling, your dedicated account manager takes an in-depth look at your business. Using our research, we can create an ideal customer profile (ICP) for your company. A checklist for ICP in ABM marketing services With an ICP, we look at several factors, including: Employee count, Customer base size, Annual revenue, Industry, Technology, Geography, Budget Once you have an ICP, we can streamline the process of evaluating and valuing potential accounts. This expedited process makes choosing targeted accounts easy. You know the potential value of the account, as well as its similarities with your ICP, which helps you decide about pursuing it with ABM marketing. Target account analysis Following your ICP, as well as approval for a target account, your dedicated account manager begins the process of analyzing that account. This step is critical because it provides the foundation to your account-based marketing strategy. As a part of their research, your dedicated account manager investigates the following features: Number of key decision-makers, Company size, Company requirements for services or products, Company budget. This research provides your dedicated account manager with several helpful pieces of data. For example, they can determine how many decision-makers you need to convert, as well as the location of those decision-makers in the buying funnel. All this information plays a direct role in your strategy.

Competitor evaluation

Before your dedicated account manager creates your account-based marketing plan, they look at your competitors. With this step, your account manager can determine which businesses are also competing for your account. They can also see what strategies your competitors use in their campaigns. A competitor evaluation reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor With our competitor analyses, we like to look at the following factors: Budget, Strategy, Management (outsourced or in-house). Understanding the budgets, plans, and management approach of your competition can help your account manager and business develop a competitive and effective campaign for reaching and converting a target account. Even better, a competitor evaluation reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor. With our award-winning team, you can target those weaknesses and incorporate those strengths into your strategy.

Strategy development

Next, your dedicated account manager starts outlining your account-based marketing campaign. With their research, they can develop a strategy that captures not only your brand but also the attention of key decision-makers at your target account. During this stage, your dedicated account manager references their research, as well as discussions with your team. They review your brand standards, product or services features, and preferences to build a strategy that adheres to your guidelines and goals. When creating your strategy, your dedicated account manager aims to answer five questions: What questions do we need to answer for company decision-makers? Which channels, like search or social, can help us reach company decision-makers? What short- and long-term goals do we want to accomplish? How much should we spend on each channel? How can we target decision-makers in different stages of the buying funnel? While this process can take time, you can trust your account manager to provide a fast turnaround. As an extension of your team, they understand how valuable this account is to your business. They prepare your strategy and help your company launch it without delay.

Campaign optimization

Once your dedicated account manager launches your campaign, they start the process of optimizing it. With optimization, your dedicated account manager looks for areas of improvement. These areas can have a direct impact on your strategy, as well as your bottom line. As an example, if your account-based marketing strategy includes a social media advertising campaign, your account manager may have a few suggestions after the first month. For instance, they may recommend revising ad copy, updating ad images, or refining ad targeting to get better results. Optimizations can range from revising ad copy, updating ad images, or refining ad targeting to get better results While some businesses look at optimization as a sign of failure, it’s not. With optimization, you can improve your strategy, as well as leverage additional data. In the above example, for instance, you gain a better understanding of your audience when it comes to targeting. If you don’t optimize your campaign, you’re giving away accounts to competitors that do.

Routine reporting

With all our services, from account-based marketing to voice search optimization, we provide your team with regular monthly reporting. Depending on your business, preference, and service package, you may receive reports on a weekly, rather than monthly, basis. While you can access a significant amount of campaign data via MarketingCloud, our client-exclusive marketing software suite, your routine account-based marketing consulting check-in with your dedicated account manager provides additional insight into your campaign. For example, your manager may discuss which aspects of your campaign work well. They may also highlight areas of improvement, providing action-based (and data-backed) recommendations for increasing the performance and results of these areas. When you chat with your dedicated account manager, it’s also an opportunity to ask questions. If you’re unsure about a specific strategy, term, or tool, feel free to ask your account manager about it. You can also message your dedicated account manager with questions too. As your partner, it’s essential for us to provide all the information you need. Whether you have a simple or complex question, we’re always ready to share our knowledge and offer advice. That’s why more than 90 percent of our clients stay with us.

MakeAccount-Based Marketing Services easy with NeuBrain

With more than $2.4 million generated in revenue for clients in the last five years, NeuBrain is a leading account-based marketing agency. Our experience, technology, and dedication makes us the preferred and trusted choice for businesses worldwide.

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