A Complete Guide to Cold Email Lead Generation

A Complete Guide to Cold Email Lead Generation

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Sending cold emails has been one of the most visible features of B2B lead generation services throughout the years. B2B cold emails, on the other hand, have a poor reputation. I get hundreds of these every day, and most of them aren’t worth responding to.

To stand out from the crowd, make sure you are reaching out to the relevant accounts rather than carpet bombing everything. As a result, it’s critical to craft email content that will entice them to respond.

When it comes to B2B email marketing, things are a little different than when it comes to B2C marketing. In B2B email marketing, you strive to connect with your customers emotionally. Your primary focus should be on the benefits that your customers will receive if they buy your product or service.

The following are a few methods that can assist you in getting started with your B2B lead generation using email marketing:

Let’s get started.

  1. Create a customer profile for your ideal customer.

To begin the process of producing B2B leads via email, the first step is to determine your organization’s “ideal customer profile.”

The following characteristics comprise the ideal customer profile:

  • The target companies’ locations
  • The target companies’ sizes
  • The industry in which the target companies operate
  • Designations of Targets
  • The target designations’ seniority
  1. Recognizing Your ICP’s Obstacles

After you’ve determined who you’d like to target. The second stage is to determine what types of issues such businesses must be facing and how your product or service may assist in resolving those challenges. The difficulties can be industry-specific or designation-specific.

Capturing this information will allow you to personalize your material for that specific industry or persona.

  1. Development of the Database

Nowadays, finding the database is not a problem. There are numerous providers and solutions available to assist you in obtaining the essential database.

Make sure the information has been appropriately split by industry, as this will allow you to target one industry at a time with content specific to that area.

  1. Developing Email Content

As everyone says, “content is king.” But what should you include in your email content?

“Write about the receiver,” is the simple reply.

What does this imply?

Your content should primarily focus on the benefits that your product and services would provide to the prospect and his company. The CSO formula is a basic formula that you can use when producing email content.

Challenges: Mention any particular difficulties the prospect is facing. It could issue specific to their sectors or challenges that companies identical to them are encountering.

Solution: Now that you’ve covered the issues you know they may be having, it’s time to talk about the solution you’re here to provide them to help them overcome those challenges. This does not imply that you must go on a rampage to market your goods or services. Remember, we need to keep the majority of the email content focused on them rather than on us.

Outcome: This section discusses what the prospect can expect if they choose your solution. In this part, try to provide some statistics or metrics. (For example, a 30% rise in profit or a 40% increase in the number of leads)

The composition of this CSO formula may differ depending on the industry.

  1. Campaign Implementation

According to the data, the best days to send cold emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can therefore arrange your email outreach accordingly. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not send 100 emails all at once.

Begin slowly and with fewer numbers so that you can track campaign results and make adjustments as needed. You also don’t want your email to be flagged as spam due to the enormous volume of emails.

Being human is more vital than ever in 2021. Create a dialogue with your contacts by following the above tactics, which are frequently used by top B2B lead generation businesses in India. Personalization is the way of the future. Decide what is keeping them awake at night and present them with the solutions they require to be successful via your emails.



As a result, cold email marketing would help you to attract your customers and increase your customer base. You can actually reach to a large crowd regarding your launching and offers etc., which will help you to aboard many willing customers or buyers as well as Franchises.

Or else, if you feel it’s a hectic job then you are just a call away.

At Neubrain, we aim to provide the best solution to help your company as well as your product flourish and have a boom in the future!

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