Make your website 508 compliant.

Offer an accessible web experience.

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 creates an interesting obstacle for federally funded nonprofits and educational facilities. Building a website with disabilities in mind can be a time-consuming and stressful process. We can change that. We build exceptional websites that meet the Section 508 requirements for usability while still creating visually and functionally stunning designs. Our designers and developers understand the ins and outs of ensuring a website meets every requirement imposed by the accessibility standard



Our approach to visual design and navigation takes into consideration the requirements imposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring that your audience, regardless of the assistance they require, are able to access your website, reach the resources they are looking for, and interact with your website.

Achieve and maintain high compatibility with tools for disabilities.

508 Site Audit

Your website remains accessible without compromising the integrity of your vision.

Visual Media Transcripts

Visitors to your website are able to effortlessly navigate your website both with and without assistance.

Design for Color-Blind

Accessibility tools are able to effortless relay the visual elements of your website, giving them the complete context of your content.

Friendly Error Handling

We create color schemes that are both visually stunning and effective for ensuring the color-blind are not left behind.

Technical-Level Reporting

Errors happen. We ensure your approach to error handling allows all users to benefit from easy-to-understand error messages.


We make sure every facet of your website takes into consideration 508 standards and ADA requirements. .

Protect your business from litigation.

Certified 508 compliance means fewer legal headaches.

Many of the most popular and iconic design choices seen online don’t take into account those who are color-blind. While a website may be pleasing to the eye for the unimpaired, those limited in the range of colors they can interpret might not be able to see key information. We look at every color, shade, text, and media element to ensure that the color choice takes into consideration different common forms of color blindness. We can even provide them with the ability to customize their experience for optimal visual comfort.



While videos and audio clips can be an effective way to communicate with your audience, it can be a limitation for those who have difficulty seeing or hearing. We help transcribe your site and offer an alternative to visitors who are limited in how they can engage with your website.

Let our experts implement your fixes.

Our team helps confirm your compliance with the different regulations you’re subject to and can work directly with your team to verify compliance with the proper authorities. We take a proactive approach by producing our own 508 compliant audit of your website while also working to ensure that quick changes are made as your website grows and evolves. Even as new laws or regulations are introduced to ensure all web users are able to access your website, our team adjusts the strategies and processes used to remain relevant.

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Hire Neubrain to ensure 508 and ADA compliance.

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